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Ergonomic Office Chairs – Why you need them

If your profession requires you to be sat down for anywhere between 5-8 hours a day, it’s worthwhile investing in an ergonomic chair which can be adapted to your needs to ensure you’re sat comfortably. Being sat in the same position for a long period of time can have health implications long term, particularly if you’re sat in the wrong position. This can put unnecessary strain on your neck, back or shoulders.

The ideal sitting position should be

  • With your back straight and your shoulders back.
  • The normal curves of your back should be supported by the chair – some people require additional lumbar support.
  • Weight should be distributed evenly on both hips.
  • Knees should be at a right angle and either even with or slightly higher than your hips – you can use a footrest if necessary.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • You should try to avoid twisting or tilting at the waist when sat.

No two people are the same and will have different needs when finding the correct chair position for them.

Benefits of an ergonomic chair

To prevent or alleviate pain

If you already have back pain, you should invest in a chair to support your back and prevent making the problem worse. If you don’t have back pain, it’s still important to sit correctly to avoid putting strain on your back muscles or spine.

To allow proper circulation

It’s important to allow proper blood flow through your body, the wrong chair can prevent the correct blood flow through your legs. Your legs should be at a 90 degree angle and there should be 30-40mm between the front of the seat and the back of your knees to ensure blood can circulate properly.

To support the natural curves of your back

Your spine will have natural curves and its important the chair doesn’t put strain on your back in the wrong place. Some chairs will offer integrated lumbar support, others, like mesh, will mould to your curves and some will offer adjustable lumbar support to help you find the best position for you.

Improves productivity

If you’re in discomfort it’s likely you won’t be as productive and you may even be required to take sick leave if the problem becomes more serious. In order to achieve the optimum sitting position you will need a chair which can be adjusted to fit your body. Our range of ergonomic chairs can be adjusted in a number of different ways, some are fully adjustable and others have one or two ergonomic features. To understand more on each mechanism an ergonomic chair can offer, read our guide here.

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