Manutan unveils its new product brand

Equipment that lives up to your expectations


The Manutan EXPERT range provides quality products to satisfy the needs of every professional. Expert means top quality products, at a fair price, that are designed to last for years. Every day we work to make EXPERT products more eco-responsible and limit the impact on our environment and society.


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Equip your warehouse with Manutan EXPERT products.

Manutan EXPERT products are designed to meet the needs of every workplace. Discover the difference in quality, choice and price.

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Discover our Manutan EXPERT office range

We’re pleased to present our Manutan EXPERT range of office products. Let us help you to transform your office space into a comfortable and efficient hub for your business.

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Efficient waste management with Manutan EXPERT

Manutan EXPERT is redefining the standards for waste management. Every product in our range is engineered for exceptional durability, to ensure they can withstand the demands of efficient waste handling for a more sustainable future.

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Be more socially responsible with our Manutan EXPERT range

At Manutan we’re committed to providing products that have a positive impact on the environment. When you choose from our Manutan EXPERT range you’re helping to support a sustainable vision for the future.

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Create a safe outside environment for your team

At Manutan, we understand that the well-being of your team extends beyond the office walls. Our Manutan EXPERT range of outdoor seating, shelters, outdoor bins and safety equipment is perfect for creating a safe and communal area.