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Changing Room Lockers

Manutan are specialist suppliers of Changing Room Lockers, which as the name suggests, are our range of lockers designed for use in changing rooms, leisure areas, gyms and more. A changing room locker needs to be sturdy, robust, well ventilated and hygienic, and our range of changing room lockers accomplish all of this, in a variety of styles and sizes to fit in with any environment.

We also stock a range of other locker products, including: Wire Mesh Lockers, Clothes & Workwear lockers, Standard Storage lockers and more.

Changing Room Lockers

Our changing room lockers come in a variety of forms and styles, depending on what you specifically need them for in the workplace. Our Plastic Lockers are ideal for the wet conditions often found in changing rooms, well ventilated and finished off with Germ guard Active Technology to promote hygiene and prevent bacteria spreading. Browse our full range of changing room lockers online today.

What is a Changing Room Locker?

A changing room locker is a category of lockers and storage solutions that are designed to work best in the damp conditions of areas like changing rooms. Our changing room lockers are all Fire Guard tested and certified to conform to EN 13501-1, and are delivered fully assembled and ready to be installed in your changing rooms as soon as you need them.