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Turntable trucks and flatbed trolleys are ideal for transporting bulky or heavy loads including boxes and containers around workplaces such as warehouses and offices. Built from high quality steel, mesh or plywood, many of our turntable trucks also feature REACH-compliant pneumatic wheels which allow for easy manoeuvrability. With load capacities of up to 1000kg and features such as drop down sides for extra security, you are sure to find the right turntable truck for you and your business here at Manutan.

Our high quality turntable trucks are competitively priced and individually tested by our teams to ensure we only provide the very best for our customers. Need advice or have a question? Our friendly sales team is here to help! Contact us here.


What is a turntable truck?

A turntable truck is a four-wheeled truck with a flat platform to carry various items. They are commonly used in offices and warehouses for transporting materials from one location to another. You may also hear them referred to as turntable trolleys.

Features of a turntable truck

Our heavy duty turntable trucks are designed to be durable, easy to use and carry heavy loads. Here are some common features of a turntable truck:

  • Steel frame - the robust steel frame ensures that the turntable truck is durable.
  • Raised deck - for good ground clearance.
  • Handle for hand operation/turntable steering - for easy movement.
  • Mesh sides for extra security - some turntable trucks feature caged mesh sides to secure the contents and prevent damage to stock.
  • Steel, mesh or plywood deck - strong, flat platforms where loaded goods will sit.
  • Pneumatic tyres or rubber wheels - both types of tyres have their advantages and will suit different workplaces better. For example, pneumatic tyres offer better shock absorption for smooth manoeuvrability whereas rubber tyres cannot go flat.

What are the benefits of a turntable truck?

There are many benefits of having a turntable truck in your workplace, including:

  • They help to increase productivity - they reduce the need for employees to travel back and forth between locations as they can carry substantial weights.
  • They are easy to use - their simple design makes them very easy to operate.
  • They are affordable - here at Manutan, we have a range of turntable trucks in a variety of sizes at competitive prices.
  • They aid manual handling and help to prevent injuries - manual handling is a common cause of injury in the workplace, however using a turntable truck can reduce the strain and relieve pressure from employees as they only need to load/unload heavy items to/from the flatbed trolley.
  • They are durable - as they are typically made from a robust steel and/or strong plywood base, they are able to stand the test of time and resist damage.
  • They can carry heavy loads - our range features turntable trucks with a load capacity of up to 1000kg.

How often should manual handling equipment be checked?

How often manual handling equipment should be checked will vary depending on what it is and how often it is used. It is a good idea to examine your manual handling equipment regularly so that you can identify any faults and prevent injuries or damage to materials.

What is manual handling equipment?

Manual handling equipment is used to aid people when moving, lifting and transporting goods. Some examples of manual handling equipment are:

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), if you are required to transport or support a load by hand or bodily force, it is considered manual handling. Therefore, any equipment you must lift, push or pull to operate will qualify as manual handling equipment.

How to unload heavy box from truck

You may be wondering what the best technique is for unloading a heavy box from a turntable truck. When you are manual lifting, HSE recommend that you do the following in order to avoid sustaining injuries

  • Get a good grip of the load
  • Hold the load close to the waist (in this case, it will be the heavy box) and keep it as close to the body as you can for as long as possible.
  • Ensure the heaviest side of the load (box) is closest to the body
  • Keep your feet apart, with one foot being slightly in front to keep your balance
  • Try to avoid twisting your body or stooping and keep your head high
  • If you struggle with the heavy box, you can try to put it down carefully before adjusting its position or you should consider not lifting it as this may be too heavy for you.

It is important to remember that every individual has a different capability when it comes to manual handling and you should never push yourself too hard.

Not sure which turntable truck is right for you? Why not speak to a member of our team for advice.