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Manutan are specialist suppliers of pallet trucks. We offer specialist pallet trucks and trolleys for different environments, from high - lift pallet trucks for more specialist lifting to galvanised steel pallet trucks for damp and humid environments, we have it all. Shop online for pallet trucks today and improve safety and efficiency in your warehouse. Read more

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Pallet Trucks

Our pallet trucks and trolleys are fully compliant with all of the necessary legislation and our prices are highly competitive, so you can find a product which suits your budget. They are highly durable and hardwearing, and we offer various sizes, load capacities and prices to suit your requirements. Find the right pallet track for your business and order in bulk for discounts. Browse our full range of pallet trucks and buy online today.

As well as our range of pallet trolleys, we also offer other manual handling equipment to improve your processes in the workplace. For example, we sell dollies and skates, sack trucks, lift tables and stackers.So, whatever your warehouse needs are, we can provide you with high-quality accessories and equipment you can rely on.


What is a pallet truck?

A pallet truck is a type of wheeled trolley designed for handling and transporting large objects on pallets. Pallet trucks have two tapered front forks with entry guiding rollers which slot underneath a pallet. Manually operated pallet trucks will then have a pump which the user manually pumps to raise or lower the pallets via a hydraulic system. Electric pallet trucks have a control panel making them easier to operate. Once raised, the user can then transport heavy loads with ease by simply pulling or pushing the pallet truck. Some pallet trucks also have a brake to increase the level of control the user has when stopping and starting.

When would you use a pallet truck?

Warehouses in particular benefit from using pallet trucks as they make the process of moving palletised loads much safer and easier. Essentially, any workplace which transports pallets can benefit from these types of easy-to-use trucks. Benefits of pallet trucks and trolleys include:

  • Improved efficiency in the workplace - pallet trucks help to speed up the process of transporting goods which saves time, allowing employees to focus on other tasks and be more productive.
  • Reduced risks associated with manual handling - as employees can operate a truck to lift heavy loads, they’re less likely to injure themselves.
  • Different pallet trolleys have designs and features suited to certain tasks - for example, high-lift pallet trucks are ideal for reaching pallet racking and shelving.

What types of pallet trucks and trolleys are there?

Here at Manutan we have a variety of pallet trucks with different features and designs to cater to your specific needs. Our range includes:

  • Weigh scale pallet trucks - these are trucks which feature weighing scales so you can record accurate readings and prevent the weight limit from being exceeded, which is an added safety feature. Some of our pallet trolleys with scales even feature an inbuilt printer to save time manually writing down load weights.
  • Electric pallet trucks - these are a great ergonomic option for many warehouses as they allow for easier lifting and manoeuvrability.
  • High-lift pallet trucks - these types of trucks are also known as scissor lift pallet trucks and they are ideal for loading and unloading pallet racking and lifting loads to a higher height.
  • Manual pallet trucks - these traditional style pallet trucks which are also known as hand pallet trucks or pump trucks can lift loads up to 2500kg and are simple to operate.

What is a pallet truck's safe maximum handling limit in the UK?

A pallet truck’s safe maximum handling limit in the UK depends on a number of factors, such as the type of pallet trolley in question, where it is being used and the distance it will need to transport goods across. That said, the maximum handling limit of a manual pallet truck will typically be around 700kg and 2300kg for an electric pallet truck.

Before making a purchase, consider what loads you’ll likely be transporting to ensure the pallet trucks you choose will be fit for purpose. If you need any advice, our sales team is just a call away to help.

Do pallet trucks fall under LOLER?

LOLER stands for Lifting Operating and Lifting Equipment Regulations. These regulations are designed to ensure that lifting equipment is safe for employees to handle. When it comes to pallet trucks, they generally don’t lift loads very high as their main purpose is to transport items, so they won’t usually be subject to LOLER. That said, vehicles and equipment would fall under LOLER if they can lift loads higher than 300m. This means that by law, you would need to arrange for regular inspections to ensure that the equipment is compliant.

How often do pallet trucks need to be inspected?

If a pallet truck is able to lift loads over 300m high, it will need to be inspected at least once a year to ensure that it is safe for use in the workplace

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If you have any questions about our pallet trucks and trolleys or our other products, please do feel free to contact our friendly sales team.

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