How Much Does A Pallet Truck Weigh?

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To answer the question of how much a pallet truck weighs, you need to consider a variety of factors, including the type of pallet truck you’re using, the brand of the pallet truck you’re using, the model of the pallet truck and the manufacturer of the pallet truck.

Average Weight of a Pallet Truck

The average weight of a manual pallet truck, for example, is very dependent on the previously listed factors, although we can say that the average weight of a regular, manual pallet truck will usually clock in at around the 79kg range. Taking one of our manual pallet trucks as an example, our Heavy Duty Pallet Truck comes in at a weight of 70kg; our High Lift Pallet Truck, however, comes in at a much heavier weight of 110kg.

This shows that, although both products can be classed under the broad umbrella term of being “pallet trucks”, the average weight of the different types of pallet truck can vary wildly, making it quite difficult to give a general answer to the question “how much does pallet truck weigh?”

The weight of a pallet truck is something that will affect other factors you might be considering when looking at the right pallet truck for you, such as the size of the pallet truck, it’s manoeuvrability and its maximum weight limit, amongst others, so it is important that you consider how heavy a pallet truck is before committing to the purchase. 

Looking for a pallet truck?

Whether you’re looking for a high-lift pallet jack or a euro pallet truck, we have a range of pallet trucks to suit your business’s needs. 

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