Do Pallet Truck Come Under LOLER?

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To answer the question “do pallet trucks come under LOLER”, you must first consider and identify what type of pallet truck you are asking about, as this will play a role in whether or not your pallet truck comes under LOLER or not.

What is LOLER?

LOLER, or Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations, are a set of rules designed to make the use of lifting equipment as safe as possible, by making sure all of your equipment is strong, stable and used in a safe environment. LOLER generally covers things like forklifts, cranes and, in some cases, pallet trucks.

Pallet Trucks & LOLER

A pallet truck is a piece of equipment designed to lift a pallet just off of the ground, to make it moveable from one place to another. The key to whether or not your pallet truck comes under LOLER, is whether or not the pallets are lifted to a high enough level to be considered a health hazard.

Since the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) consider the pallet falling off of a truck like this to be of low consequence and risk, most pallet trucks will not come under LOLER. They will however need to be checked by PUWER; the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations.

High-Lift Pallet Trucks & LOLER

If you have a high-lift pallet truck, the situation is slightly different. Since “high-lift” pallet trucks lift pallets substantially higher, there is a discernible risk to using the equipment, which means a check from LOLER is a requirement for health and safety reasons. So, a high-lift pallet truck would come under LOLER as well as PUWER.

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