At Manutan UK, we're proud to have a wide range of workbenches for sale, including heavy-duty, mobile and stainless steel benches. Whether you’re looking for an office workbench, or a workstation that is suitable for industrial use, we have the solution for you. Read more


At Manutan UK, we're proud to have a wide range of workbenches for sale, including heavy-duty, mobile and stainless steel benches. Whether you’re looking for an office workbench, or a workstation that is suitable for industrial use, we have the solution for you. Read more

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A range of workbenches for workshops, warehouses and industrial environments

Manutan UK are proud to offer a huge range of workbenches to suit a wide variety of applications and budgets. Whether you're looking for heavy-duty, , mobile or packing workbenches, we're sure to have the right one to suit your requirements.

You can choose from different, styles, materials and brands, including Bott, Treston and Rapid 1.The different types of workbenches we offer include:

  • Industrial - these types of benches are designed to be sturdy and are commonly used in manufacturing working environments.
  • Height adjustable - if you’re looking for an ergonomic workstation which offers more flexibility, these height adjustable workbenches are the solution for you.
  • ESD - ESD stands for Electro- Static Discharge. These workbenches are anti-static, making them ideal for use in the electronics industry and they’re used in assembly lines and reparation workplaces.
  • Heavy-duty - are designed with durability in mind and have higher weight capacities.
  • Boltless - these don’t require bolts so you can benefit from quick and easy assembly.
  • Mobile - easy to manoeuvre, these portable workbenches give you more flexibility as you can move them to any area you need them in.
  • Stainless steel - these are ideal for working environments where hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance as they’re easy to clean.
  • Packing - used to improve the efficiency of the packaging and shipping process, these benches typically feature extra shelves and accessories so your business can prepare to send products to customers.
  • Folding - whether your workshop is short on space or you need a product that you can travel easily with, a foldable workbench is the perfect solution.

If you have any questions about our range of workbenches or you’re looking for a specific product, please do contact our friendly sales team who will be happy to help.

Where can I buy a workbench?

As a leading supplier of workbenches manufactured by an array of popular brands, you can order workbenches online with us and benefit from free delivery. If you require anything not covered in this range, our sourcing team can help find exactly what you’re looking for.


How tall should a workbench be?

The optimal height of a workbench is really dependent on a few factors, such as the height of the person using it and the type of project they’re working on. Whilst a popular height for workbenches is between 34-36 inches high, having your bench 29-30 inches tall is ideal for handwork at a lower height and more detailed work will be easier to carry out at a higher height of between 37-39 inches.

If you’re likely to be carrying out different types of tasks or multiple people will be sharing a workbench, consider height adjustable benches which can be adjusted to accommodate your specific needs.

How to protect workbench top

If your workbench will be heavily used, you may be wondering what you can do to protect its surface. The steps you take will of course depend on the materials your workbench is made from, but, commonly, people look for ways to protect a wooden workbench which can become damaged with high use. A popular solution is to apply an additional coat of oil to the top of the wooden benchtop on a regular basis and many people will sand the benchtop down before applying this to ensure a smooth finish.

If you’re going to be working continuously on your bench in harsh conditions, consider investing in an industrial workbench. We have a wide range of products to choose from, designed to withstand abuse, resist impact from equipment and have a higher load capacity than many other types of workstations.

What is the best bench for my needs?

When choosing the right product for your needs, try to consider the following:

  • Materials - different materials will have different qualities so you’ll need to factor this into your decision. For example, if you’ll be working with chemicals, a stainless steel bench is a great option as it will resist corrosion, whilst an ESD bench has anti-static properties, making it suitable for those working with electronics.
  • Height - it’s essential that you and your employees work at a comfortable height to prevent pains, strains and injuries in the workplace. With this in mind, you should consider the types of projects you’ll need the bench for so you can find an option that allows you to work at an ergonomic height.
  • Whether you’ll be travelling with it - whether you work on temporary construction sites or will need your workbench on the go, you can find folding or mobile options which allow you to easily transport them between locations.
  • Whether you need storage - having a workstation that has storage space such as shelving or drawers can be extremely useful for safely storing your tools when not in use.
  • Additional features - look out for workbenches which have extra features such as a built in handle for easy transportation.
  • Available space - don’t forget to think about the amount of space you have in your warehouse or workshop as there are space efficient options out there that could be a more practical addition to your business.
  • What projects you will be carrying out - ultimately, you need to have the type of projects you’ll be working on in mind as this can determine the style of workbench you need. For example, you may specifically need a packing workbench to get your orders prepared for postage or perhaps a multipurpose bench will be the solution for you if you need a workstation to help with a variety of projects.

If you need help with choosing the best workbench for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team for support.

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