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Manutan are specialist suppliers of Charging Laptop Lockers, perfect for the safe storage and security of electronic devices such as laptops and tablets. Our range of charging lockers are suitable for a variety of areas, such as schools, offices and, universities and are available in a number of different formats to suit your requirements. For example, there are laptop lockers with individual locks and doors for every compartment, or a single door with multiple charging compartments for multiple laptops.

All of our charging laptop lockers are delivered fully assembled, are CE tested and conform to EU safety requirements. They are built with the security and welfare of the laptops in mind, with ventilated and strengthened doors for heat dissipation, powder coatings with Germ Guard Active Technology paint for hygiene and a choice of one or multiple door lockers. Browse our full range of charging laptop lockers and buy online today.

Looking for something different?We also stock a range of other locker products as well as our charging and laptop lockers, including: Standard Storage lockers, school lockers, Personal Effects lockers and more.


What is a Charging Laptop Locker?

We sell a wide range of charging lockers with different features but you can typically expect the following:

  • Ventilated doors to dissipate heat and prevent the contents of the locker from overheating.
  • Secure locking systems to keep the contents safe.
  • A number of compartments to allow for the storage of multiple devices (here at Manutan we stock laptop lockers with 4-20 compartment configurations.
  • Secure and robust steel construction.
  • Name plates for easy identification.

You will be able to find charging lockers in a range of colours, sizes and with one or multiple doors.

If you’re looking for something in particular, don’t hesitate to contact us - our team will be happy to help you find the product that best suits your needs.

Are laptop lockers suitable for use outside?

Wire mesh lockers are the ideal storage solution for a wide range of items, including:

Our laptop lockers are designed for indoor use only and in a space with a normal room temperature. Locating these lockers outdoors would risk damaging the locker’s contents (for example, water could enter the unit through the vents) as well as the locker itself, compromising its functionality, appearance and security.

Are laptop lockers fireproof?

Our laptop lockers are CE tested and conform to EU safety requirements, however, they are not considered to be fireproof.

Which laptop locker is right for me?

There are a few considerations for you to make when looking at your locker options. To help decide which laptop locker is best for your needs, consider the following:

  • What is your budget? Here at Manutan, we sell lockers to suit all budgets.
  • How many devices will you need to store? If you have a high volume of electronic devices to store, you could consider laptop lockers with more cabinets as this will be more space efficient than having multiple lockers.
  • What electronic devices will you be storing? There are charging locker options designed for laptops and other devices, such as mobile phones. If you think you may need to store laptops, you will require a locker which is wide enough to accommodate them as some lockers are only designed for smaller items.
  • How will the laptops or mobile devices be used? If you need laptops to assist with class learning, a single door laptop locker with multiple shelves may be the best option as this allows for easier storage and distribution of the lockers. On the other hand, laptops which are being used for events in the workplace may be best placed in a locker with multiple compartments. This will allow staff to securely lock away their laptops when not in use.

Do I need charging lockers?

If your workplace often uses laptops or similar mobile devices such as tablets, you should consider investing in charging lockers. Not only will a laptop locker keep your valuable devices safe when not in use,it will help you to keep your devices organised and charged so that they’re ready to take out for lessons, events or for staff to use when needed.

Still have questions about our laptop lockers or any of our other products? Please contact us and a member of our sales team will be happy to help you.