Personal Effects Lockers

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Personal Effects Lockers

Manutan are specialist suppliers of Personal Effects Lockers, mobile phones, wallets and more. We also supply charging lockers which allow users to charge mobile phones or laptops whilst securely locked away. Personal effects lockers are ideal in a wide variety of different environments; from schools and offices, to leisure centres and retail workplaces, these personal lockers are suitable for practically any environment that needs safe storage, such as schools, gyms, warehouses, offices and more.

All of our personal effects lockers are constructed with the highest quality materials to create a reliable storage solution for the users’ most valuable items; with a body of welded, durable mild steel construction, reinforced door edges for extra security and an epoxy-polyester powder coating with ventilation slots to aid air circulation and reduce the spread of harmful bacteria

We also stock a range of other locker products as well as our personal effects lockers, including: Standard Storage lockers , Post lockers, Plastic lockers and more. Many of our locker products also come with a 1-year guarantee, giving you confidence when shopping with us. If you’re not sure which type of locker is best for your needs, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Personal effects lockers FAQs

What is personal effects locker?

A personal effects locker (also referred to as personal lockers and valuables lockers) is a cabinet designed specifically for the storage of a person's smaller items and valuables; including items such aswallets, mobile phones, car keys etc. Due to this broad use and application, personal effects lockers can be installed in practically any environment that needs a storage solution for smaller items.Our personal lockers come in a range of sizes and models and can easily be stacked to fit into any setting.

What are the key features of personal effects lockers?

We stock a wide range of personal lockers so you can find the best storage solution to suit your needs and budget, however, you can typically expect our products to feature the following:

  • Ventilation slots to enable better air circulation - this helps to dry out any damp items and prevent bad odours.
  • Pre-drilled fixing holes which allow you to form stacks and nests according to your needs. This is one of the key benefits of personal effects lockers as you can purchase as many units as you need to suit your requirements.
  • Anti-bacterial powder coating which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Robust steel construction to increase durability
  • Secure cylinder locks with keys.

The features of our personal locker products will vary across models and you can also purchase additional features such as sloping tops (to prevent the build-up of debris). If you’re looking for something in particular, you can contact our team and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Why are valuables lockers important?

Ensuring that your workplace has lockers for visiting or working on the site is important as it provides a safe place to store personal belongings. It prevents theft and damage to items which are of value, giving people peace of mind when storing small valuables.

In schools, it encourages students to keep distracting items such as mobile phones away and helps to prevent loss of belongings in a busy environment.

Are valuables lockers secure?

Yes, here at Manutan, our valuables lockers are fitted with a secure cam lock system which ensures that users can safely lock away their personal belongings when not in use. Our lockers will be supplied with two keys.