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Our Range of School Chairs

It is so important for schools to invest in the right chairs for children. From a young age they will be sat in classrooms for at least 5 hours a day and in total children spend about 15,000 hours sitting during their school years.

Buying the right chairs can help children develop the correct posture and help to prevent poor growth of the spine.

Getting the right chairs can also save your school money. You will want something cost effective, but long lasting - our range of Titan school chairs are exactly that.

Titan One Piece Chairs

We currently stock a wide range of Titan school chairs with the most popular being the One Piece chairs. These are constructed from one piece of solid polypropylene and are said to be almost indestructible.

They are built to last, easy to clean and cost effective for schools.

The one piece chairs come in 5 different seat heights to suit all age groups and 5 vibrant colours. They have lumbar support to reduce discomfort and an anti-tilt leg system to prevent children swinging back on chairs.

Swivel Chair & Stools

The Titan swivel chairs and stools both come with either castors or glides. Castors will offer a more dynamic teaching environment and this type of chair is ideal for moving from individual to group learning environments easily. Movement in the classroom should be encouraged and can have a positive impact on the learning and attentiveness of the children. This type of chair can also be used by teachers or in colleges or universities.

High Lab Chairs & Lab Stools

Suitable for high science lab desks are Titan’s range of high chairs & high lab stools. The stools and chairs have an ergonomically designed shell to support the lower back and an anti-tilt frame. Like the one piece chairs, these are robust & easy to clean. They can also be stacked out of the way if required.

Titan School Skid Base Chairs

The skid base chairs have been designed with an oval tube steel base which is to prevent tipping forwards. They have no wearable parts, such as feet which need to be replaced - this means less maintenance.

As with all Titan school chairs they have been constructed with high impact polypropylene so are extremely strong and easy to clean.

When looking at chairs for your school you want to ensure what you’re buying is comfortable, long lasting and cost effective. The range of Titan school chairs we offer are just that; a great price, low maintenance and robust – they will last for years.

Titan don’t compromise on design and have the comfort of the child in mind at all times. Children who are comfortable, less restricted and less distracted tend to have higher concentration levels and can be more engaged in class.

If you need any help selecting the right school chairs, contact our friendly sales team here.

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