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Our wide range of office chairs from brands including Humanscale, Verco and Topstar as well as our own range of high-quality products. No matter if you’re looking for corporate or home office chairs, we’ve got the right seating solution for you.

Why the right office chair is important?

Here at Manutan, we understand the importance of finding the right office chair. Not only can office chairs impact the overall look of your office, they are absolutely essential for keeping employees comfortable and free from pain. When staff are comfortable in their working environment, they’re more likely to be productive throughout the day and less likely to develop spinal health injuries. Characteristics you want to look for in office chairs that will be used frequently include adjustable height, lumbar support and high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Where to buy office chairs?

You can find the right office chairs to meet your working needs online here at Manutan. We have a large range of chairs from executive and leather office chairs, to meeting room chairs and more. Comfort is essential and our chairs offer fixed or adjustable armrests, high, square or mid-back seating and a variety of support accessories. All our office chairs come with recommended usage times to help you make the right decision.

If you have any questions about our office chairs or other products, please do not hesitate to contact us - a member of our friendly sales team will be happy to assist you. Please feel free to also browse our full range of office furniture which includes everything you’ll need for an office space, including office desks, filing cabinets and office accessories.

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How to choose an office chair?

Selecting the right office chair for your staff is important, it can make a huge difference to productivity and staff wellbeing. To help you make the right decision, we’ve listed some considerations for you to make:

  • What size chair do you need?

    You’ll need to select office chairs that are wide and deep enough to allow you to sit comfortably. People who are taller should try to opt for deeper seats and those who are short can find shallow seating options. You should aim to have an office chair that allows you to have between 2-4 inches between the back of your knees and the seat.

  • Is the chair ergonomic?

    Ergonomically designed office chairs will be more comfortable to sit in, promote good posture and prevent injuries. It’s particularly important to invest in an ergonomic office chair when you or your staff will be sitting at desks for long periods of time as this can impact their health. Look out for office chairs that are height adjustable and have other adjustable features such as armrests as well as sufficient lumbar support.

  • What is your budget?

    How much the office chairs cost will inevitably impact your purchasing decision. Here at Manutan, we have a wide range of office chairs available at prices to suit all budgets, including office chairs under £100, so you don’t have to spend a lot for quality seating.

  • What material is it made out of?

    Different materials will have different benefits. For example, for offices that see staff sitting down for long hours or hot desking, a more hygienic option will be mesh office chairs as these keep users cool and don’t absorb as much sweat as fabric chairs.

    It’s also worth considering how easy it will be to clean your office chairs. For example, leather and plastic chairs will be easy to wipe clean whereas fabric chairs may be tricker and require more time to dry.

  • Does it have any additional features?

    Look at the features the chairs have, such as headrests and cushioned seats for extra comfort. If you’re likely to move your office chairs around frequently, you could consider swivel chairs which are easier to manoeuvre.

  • What style of chair will suit your office?

    It may also be important for you to find a product that is a certain colour or matches your existing office furniture. For example, executive office chairs and mesh ergonomic chairs would fit the style of a modern working environment.

If you’re not sure which type of chair will best suit your needs, our sales team is here to help.

How to protect a carpet from office chairs?

Keeping your carpets in good condition is important for any working environment, whether it’s in an office or you’re working from home. One way to protect your carpets from office chair wheels is to use chair mats which will provide a protective barrier between the wheels and carpet. Alternatively, you can find office chairs with roller-blade style caster wheels which are less likely to damage your flooring.

Are gaming chairs good for office work?

Many remote workers will use gaming chairs in their home office, and whilst these will often have higher backs and some adjustment options, it may be worth looking into more ergonomic office chair options if your job requires you to sit for long working hours so you can get adequate lumbar support.

How much do office chairs cost?

How much office chairs cost depends on a number of factors, such as the manufacturer, style of chair, what material it’s made from and what features it has. Here at Manutan, we have office chairs available to buy online from less than £100. Contact us today to find an affordable option that suits your requirements.

How long does an office chair last?

Typically, an average office chair will last around 7 to 8 years, but there are a number of factors which will affect this, such as the material of the seats. For example, mesh chairs can stretch over time with heavy-use (although high-quality mesh office chairs should have better durability) whereas leather office chairs could last you over 10 years if cared for.

You should look to replace office chairs if they’re damaged, significantly worn (and therefore unable to provide an adequate level of comfort) or not ergonomic enough for your needs. For example, if you now find yourself working at a desk more often, you’ll need a chair that provides good lumbar support to prevent pain or injury.

How much does an office chair weigh?

The average weight of an office chair is approximately 17kg but the weight of an office chair will vary across models and the materials chairs are made of. For example, a mesh office chair will be much lighter than a heavy duty chair. The weight of your seat is important if:

  • You need it to be portable or often move chairs around.
  • They’re going to be used by children or people who will struggle with manual handling.
  • You’re looking for a stable chair (although many lightweight office chairs are perfectly safe to use proving they’re built to a high standard).

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