Can I Claim Office Furniture on My Taxes?

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According to GOV.UK it is possible to claim tax relief on office furniture used to work from home. This is provided you have discussed your needs with your employer in advance and they have not already reimbursed you for your costs.

Covid-19 has challenged us all including how we work. With 46.6% of UK employees spending time working from home in April 2020 (Office for National Statistics), it’s no surprise that many of us have had to purchase office furniture to transform our homes into comfortable workspaces.

In some cases, employers will happily allow their staff to borrow office furniture, such as desk chairs and monitors. However, this may not always be possible and you may be wondering what your options are to avoid ending up out of pocket.

What items are included?

Any item that is deemed necessary for working from home can be claimed back in tax relief. This includes printers, technology, desks, office chairs and other items you would normally require to complete your daily role.

What you cannot claim, however, are expenses that you would also incur in your personal life, such as clothing, home internet and rent. You can even claim back additional household expenses such as gas and electricity but this claim can be a little more complicated …

For gas and electricity bill claims, you must be able to prove that you need to work from home, either because you live too far away from the workplace to travel there every day or the equipment you need is not at your workplace.

Once you have proven this, you must ensure that the amount you are claiming does not exceed your actual household expenses (e.g. your gas and electricity bills). You cannot claim more than £26 a month or £6 a week, depending on how you get paid.

Your First Step

If you think that you need a desk or office chair to work from home, don’t be afraid to say so. Let your employer know what office furniture will keep you working both safely and productively from home. Remember, your health and wellbeing are paramount!

Once you’ve purchased your office furniture, your employer may agree to reimburse you for the amount you paid (which would be non-taxable for them, provided you’re not getting too much private use out of them – so no swivelling in your fancy new office chair for all day).

What if Your Employer Doesn’t Reimburse You?

If your employer does not reimburse you for the costs of your office furniture, do not fear, you are still able to claim tax relief.

The steps you will need to take:

  • You can claim tax relief for your purchases on your tax return or P87 (which can be completed online or by post).
  • Ensure that the amount claimed is fully incurred and is necessary for your job performance at home.
  • Keep hold of any purchase receipts – you will need to claim for the exact amount you paid.

Remember, there are strict tests when it comes to claiming tax relief. Your purchases must be necessary for working from home and recorded to ensure your claims are valid. You can find more guidance about these tests here.

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