Office Furniture

Office Furniture

We've got a great selection of modern and traditional office furniture for workplaces and home offices of all sizes and; styles to suit a range of budgets. We understand it's vitally important to create an environment that encourages creativity. Read more

Office Furniture

We've got a great selection of modern and traditional office furniture for workplaces and home offices of all sizes and; styles to suit a range of budgets. We understand it's vitally important to create an environment that encourages creativity. Read more

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Manutan UK are proud to offer a huge range of office furniture to suit a wide variety of environments and workspaces.

Types of office furniture we sell includes:

  • Office chairs and seating - from executive chairs and ergonomic office chairs to sofas and soft seating, we have options for all workspaces and recreational rooms so your employees can sit comfortably throughout the day.
  • Office desks and tables - whether you’re looking for meeting room tables and boardroom tables or height-adjustable desks that can be altered to suit different users (great for hot-desking!), we have desks and tables for both independent and collaborative working.
  • Reception area furniture such as coffee tables and sofas so you can give clients a warm welcome at your reception desk and provide a comfortable space for them to sit whilst they wait to be seen.
  • Office storage - from pedestal drawers to tambour cupboards, you’ll be able to find a suitable office storage space for your equipment, documents and files.
  • Office accessories whether you need monitor accessories or fans and air conditioning to keep cool during the summertime, we have everything you need to ensure your office space runs smoothly.
  • Home office furniture - working from home? You can find a range of office furniture and accessories including office chairs, desks and pedestal drawers that will suit the style of your home and individual requirements. We even supply home office bundles so you can get everything you need for practical home working at once.

If you can’t see the office furniture and accessories you're looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us - we’ll be more than happy to help you find the right products for your needs.

Importance of office furniture

Office furniture needs to be so much more than stylish, it must be practical and comfortable for use in working environments as this is where people will spend most of their day hard at work. There are different types of office furniture, all with their own benefits, but here’s why it’s important to choose the right furniture for your workplace:

  • It improves productivity and employee satisfaction - office furniture which is comfortable and encourages good posture can help you to be more productive as you won’t be suffering from back and neck pain. People who aren’t comfortable at work may not be as motivated.
  • It can allow for better collaboration - you can find office furniture that makes collaborating on tasks easy, such as office tables. By having a space that accommodates multiple employees, staff can be more productive when brainstorming and working on projects together.
  • It promotes employee wellness - people are less likely to be at risk of musculoskeletal issues if they’re supplied with comfortable seating such as ergonomic chairs and workspaces.Whether you need office furniture at your home or business, it’s important to have comfortable seating to use if you’re likely to be sitting for long periods of time.
  • It keeps the area organised - it’s essential to have a space for everything so that you can easily find what you need. We sell a variety of office storage solutions so you can find a product that’s right for you.

Where to buy office furniture

You can buy office furniture directly from Manutan online and can get it delivered to your business or home if you’re working remotely.

We are a leading supplier of office furniture and also stock a vast array of popular, high-quality brands. If you require anything not covered in this range, our sourcing team can help find exactly what you’re looking for.

How to choose office furniture

There are some key considerations you should make when choosing the right office furniture for you, including:

  • Functionality - ensuring that your furniture is practical and fully functional is essential for any workplace. For example, the desk should be large enough for yourself or staff to work on (and not just aesthetically pleasing!).
  • Price - your budget will inevitably influence your purchasing decision. We offer a range of office furniture to suit all budgets.
  • Comfort - try to opt for ergonomic options which puts your comfort or the comfort of your employees first to improve productivity whilst ensuring staff are safe.
  • Space - consider how much available space you have, as if you have a smaller office, you’ll be able to find more compact, space-efficient options such as folding office tables, corner desks and stacking chairs.
  • Style - does the furniture fit in with the style of your workplace? For instance, if you have a modern office, you’ll want to ensure that you have desks and chairs that fit in with the rest of the room.

How to arrange home office furniture

Whether you’ve just started a remote working job or you’re looking to rearrange your current home office set up to make it more space efficient, there are a few tips you can bear in mind when arranging your furniture, this includes:

  • Setting your workspace up in an area you’ll be able to concentrate in - location is key!
  • Ensuring you have enough space - leg space is particularly important as you don’t want to feel boxed-in. You should be able to work comfortably without any obstacles in the way.
  • Make sure you find an ergonomic chair and desk which can accommodate your needs. In terms of placement, your desk and chair should not obstruct anything (such as doors). Often, people will place their desk against a wall as this is more space efficient and allows you to be close to plug sockets should you need to use a laptop and monitors.
  • Consider room lighting - natural light can really make a difference and having a light near your desk will be important if you’re working in the evening. Just be mindful that if you’re using monitors, you want to have your desk facing away from direct sunlight as this could impair your visibility of the screens.

You can read our blog, ‘How to organise your home working space’ for more ideas.

Can I claim home office furniture on my taxes?

If you need home office furniture to work remotely, you could be able to claim tax relief, but you will need to discuss your needs with your employer first. You will also need to ensure that if you have bought office furniture, you haven’t already been reimbursed by your company. Whether you’re looking for a more ergonomic chair to better support your body or if you’re missing office furniture and accessories that you feel would make you more productive at home, we recommend you communicate this with your employer to see how your needs can be met. We have a wide range of office furniture available to suit a number of budgets and spaces.

You can find more information on claiming office furniture on your taxes and what’s included here.

Here at Manutan, we want to make sure that you find the perfect office furniture for your office space. If you have any questions about our products or if you’d like to speak to a member of our sales team for advice, we’d love to hear from you.