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Antibacterial Lockers

Manutan are specialist suppliers of Antibacterial Lockers, which is our vast range of lockers designed to promote hygiene and prevent the spread of bacteria. These lockers utilise anti-bacterial technology and ventilation systems to keep the air clean, fresh and as hygienic as possible, perfect for use in all environments, but especially in areas such as kitchens, hospitals and any other areas with a particular priority on hygiene.

We also stock a range of other locker products, including: Wire Mesh Lockers, Clothes & Workwear lockers, Standard Storage lockers and more.

Antibacterial Lockers

Our antibacterial lockers come in a variety of forms and styles, depending on what you specifically need them for in your chosen environment. These lockers utilise an Elite GUARD anti-bacterial powder coating on the steel, that looks smart and resists daily wear and tear, whilst also preventing the spread of microbes and bacteria. Browse our full range of antibacterial lockers online today.

What is an Antibacterial Locker?

An antibacterial locker is a category of lockers and storage solutions that are designed to promote good hygiene and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and unpleasant smells when storing items. This is accomplished through the use of antimicrobial technologies in the coating of these steel lockers, combined with quality ventilation to keep the contents of the locker fresh and offering protection from harmful microbes.