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Plastic Stacking Chairs for Every Environment

Our coloured plastic chairs come in a huge range of colours and styles. If you simply need a range of chairs for schools, training rooms, conference halls, community centres and any venue where you require lot of seating, our practical black plastic chairs area ideal. They have a steel frame, robust plastic seat and can easily be stacked away after use.

Coloured Plastic Chairs for Breakout Areas

Our coloured chairs come in a variety of styles perfect for your workplace breakout area, bistro, outdoor space or canteen. Add a splash of colour with high coloured stools, stylish side chairs or vivid tub chairs.

    Plastic chairs have their benefits:
  • They can be used for an outdoor seating area and won’t get weathered
  • They’re really easy to clean.
  • Very hard wearing.
  • Cost effective & long-lasting.

Our coloured plastic chairs are hugely popular in adding a pop of colour to breakout areas. These breakout spaces are becoming increasingly popular in many businesses, they are essentially to give employees a space away from their work area to collaborate, hold informal meetings, interact with colleagues or to take a break. Being able to take a break and collaborate in a different setting helps improve wellbeing and productivity. It also gives businesses the opportunity to get creative and colourful with their décor if they wish.

The way you design your breakout space will completely depend on your business and brand, but they give you the opportunity use accents of colour and design to reflect your culture to employees and visitors.

Plastic Folding Chairs

Plastic folding chairs are ideal for big events where you need to accommodate a lot of people but don’t have a huge amount of storage space. We offer lightweight and durable folding chairs which are perfect for this. They are easy to transport so ideal for event hire companies.

If you can’t find the right chair here, browse our wider range of chairs or contact our sales team who will be happy to source an alternative.