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Cube Lockers

Manutan are specialist suppliers of Cube Lockers, which are our range of small compartment lockers, designed to be able to stack together for an efficient storage solution. Due to their compact size and versatility, our cube lockers can be used to provide additional storage space in practically any environment, especially in areas where the space needed is somewhat limited; anywhere from offices, to schools, to industrial workplaces and more.

We also stock a range of other locker products as well as our cube lockers, including: Standard Storage lockers, Post lockers, Plastic lockers and more.

Cube Lockers

Cube lockers come in a huge array of forms, styles, colours and designs, but the quality of the materials they are made from remains consistent. Our cube lockers are manufactured from sustainably sourced and sturdy reinforced steel, with semi-concealed door hinges that are welded to the door and riveted to the frame, in order to prevent tampering. All of our cube lockers are as robust and secure as they are adaptable. Browse our full range of cube lockers online today.

What is a Cube Locker?

Cube lockers are arguably the most widely useful storage solution you can find; whether you need just the one for a compact storage space in a smaller room, or a whole row of them for wider spaces such as changing rooms and offices. The main advantage of cube lockers is their adaptability to fit into any environment, with a range of sizes, dimensions and even designs to choose from.