School Lockers: Your Questions Answered

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Lockers are one of the main products that we supply for schools, coming in a range of different designs, colours and styles to suit any location. But you might be looking to find answers to some questions on school lockers, to help identify what lockers you need and how they’ll fit into your location. Below you can find some common questions and answers on school lockers for this exact purpose:

How Tall is a School Locker?

At Manutan, our range of school lockers come in a variety of heights and dimensions, depending on the style of locker you’re looking for. Our standard storage lockers come in at heights of 1800mm/1.8m, and you can choose how many doors you want, from one to six, depending on what works best for your environment.

We also offer half-height lockers built specifically for younger users, starting at a height of 1370mm/1.37m, these lockers are perfect for schools with younger students.

What Metal are School Lockers Made of?

At Manutan, our range of school lockers are manufactured from welded steel construction, for added strength and rigidity that’s perfect for the wear and tear of school environments.

Why do Schools need Lockers?

The need for lockers in schools is somewhat of a debated topic, however, providing each student with a school locker can have many benefits. As well as giving students a safe place to store spare or valuable items, lockers also provide some health benefits to students. By allowing students to store books and resources for different classes in their lockers, students will be carrying around less weight and will avoid physical injury from carrying around heavy loads. Lockers can even be designed to contribute to a schools image, with different designs and colours.

How much does a School Locker Cost?

Our elite school lockers start from a price of £64.00, and our standard metal storage lockers start at a price £69.00 per unit.

That concludes this article answering some of the more common questions on school lockers. If you’re interested in buying lockers for your school, you can view our full range of lockers to find the right ones for you.

Victoria Vaughan