Which Storage Cupboard is Right for You?

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Cupboards are an all-time classic in the world of storage and there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want to sort out your office or get your workshop in check, we’ve got a great range for every storage related requirement.

If you could use some guidance when searching for the right cupboard for your business, read on for our run-down of the best cupboards for every eventuality.

School and office cupboards

There are plenty of items in schools and offices that need packing away neatly in a cupboard.


Stationery is an office essential but it can really clutter desks and drawers if you don’t have a designated storage space for your paper, highlighters, staples, odds and ends. Have a look at our stationery cupboards and create a central location for staff to restock their pen pots.

Files and  folders

Whatever business you are in, it’s inevitable that you will end up with files and folders lying around…unless you get organised.

Use a simple lever arch file holder on a desktop to keep your folders in check or choose a full cupboard to pack them out of sight. Either way, you’ll find cataloguing your folders and finding them again much easier.

Filing cabinets

Most businesses simply can’t do without filing cabinets. Although they’re not strictly cupboards, we’ll let them off because they’re so useful!

Lay your hands on that particular document from months ago quickly and easily by using a product from our filing cabinet range.

Industrial and workshop cupboards

Organisation in an industrial or workshop environment is more important than simply keeping the place tidy. If you’ve got tools, valuables or hazardous products at work, it is essential that they are kept safely stored in a suitable cupboard.


Keep all your tools neatly packed away and organised so that you can find the right tool for any job, exactly when you need it.

One of our favourite tool cupboards is the Heavy Duty Complete Tool Cupboard. This large, lockable cupboard comes with louvre panels for plastic bins, perforated panels which are ideal for tool holders, drawers and shelves for bigger items. This cupboard is your integrated solution for complete tool organisation.

Secure storage

If you’re storing valuable items or anything that you want to keep extra safe, choose a cupboard that comes with a lock.

Heavy-duty roller shutter security cupboards are particularly popular for industrial use as they are built to withstand tough working environments. With product options allowing you to choose different numbers of shelves, louvre panels and even cupboard colour, you’ll find your ideal secure storage cupboard.

Hazardous materials

Storing hazardous materials requires extreme care and consideration. Whether you’re keeping flammable products, chemicals or any other dangerous items, make sure they’re locked away in a hazardous material cupboard.

The cupboards in this specialist range are designed to safely contain hazardous materials, many featuring perforated shelving, spill-collecting sumps and warning labels. For more guidance on storing your hazardous materials, check out our blog: COSHH, Cabinets and Chemical Storage.

First aid cupboards

In an emergency, you need to know that your first aid equipment is organised and easy to locate. The very best way of ensuring this is to make use of a designated first aid supplies cupboard. Our cupboards come in different sizes and are all clearly labelled, complying with health and safety regulations.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing your storage cupboards and hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas. If you’re ready to browse for yourself, view our full range of storage cupboards now.

Remember that our friendly sales team are always on hand to offer their experience and advice. If you’d like a hand choosing your cupboard, give us a call on 0800 652 6000 and we’ll be happy to help.

Victoria Vaughan