How to Choose the Right School Lockers

If you’ve been tasked with sourcing lockers for your school, we’ve put together this simple guide to help you narrow down your selection.

School Lockers

Changing Room Lockers & Furniture

Laptop & Charging Lockers

School Lockers

School lockers typically line the hallways and will store students books, bags and belongings.

The most common materials used for school lockers are steel and plastic. Steel lockers are cost-effective & durable. Some steel lockers have an anti-bacterial powder coated finish which is beneficial for health and hygiene. Plastic lockers are also an ideal choice for schools due to strong durability – they are a popular choice for outdoor areas such as bike shelters.

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Standard steel lockers can be purchased with an anti-bacterial coating. This powder coated finish helps to prevent viruses and bacteria from infecting and spreading. It reduces the risk of diseases such as MRSA and E.Coli from spreading across surfaces. This is especially beneficial for lockers used in busy environments, where a number of people are using the same lockers regularly. These lockers are ideal for schools and higher education environments where germs are prone to spreading.

Other materials to consider

Plastic lockers are also ideal for school environments as they can be stored indoors or outdoors. This can be a space-saving technique if there is limited space indoors, space outside can be utilised. This material is easy to maintain, hard wearing and water resistant. The polyethylene plastic material can withstand general wear & tear providing strength and durability for everyday use.

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Plastic lockers

Feet, plinths and sloping tops

Lockers can be provided with optional accessories, depending on your preference or need. Lockers with feet or sloping tops are beneficial for cleaning purposes – especially under the locker. Sloping tops prevent items being left on top of the locker to keep the area clean and tidy at all times.

There are different design features to consider

Ventilation is an important factor when choosing lockers for educational environments, as they will be used daily to store many different items ranging from books, sports clothing, sports equipment and/or food.

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As there has been an increase in potentially dangerous items entering schools, lockers could possibly be the main place to hide them. Vision panel lockers are a great way to prevent these issues as these lockers will offer visual security.

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There are many different lock options to consider depending on the use of the lockers. If lockers are being shared we suggest a 4 digit combination lock for easy access between pupils or a hasp lock so pupils can simply bring their own padlock. With digital combination locks, there is a master key option available if teachers need to gain access.

If each pupil has their own locker you can opt for combination locks, or traditional key locks (cylinder locks). Each pupil will get their own key or combination for easy access.

With each of these options spare keys, master keys or codes can be made or reset to allow access to the lockers if they need to be emptied or checked by staff. Always consider the size of the locker door when purchasing different lock options.

Different lock options available;

  • Hasp & Staple (padlock)
  • Cylinder (accessed with a key)
  • Coin Return
  • 4 Digit Combination Lock*
  • Electronic Combination Lock*

*Contact our sales team to order – available online soon!

Changing Room Furniture

Changing Room Lockers

Before purchasing lockers for changing rooms there are a few things to consider – the space provided and the budget. Multi-compartment and nested lockers are the best choice when purchasing for limited space. These lockers are great value for money and ideal for changing rooms as pupils can store away valuables, clothes, shoes and bags.
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Changing room lockers in use

Bench seats

We offer a range of single and double-sided bench seats with coat hooks or hangers which are ideal for changing rooms. Students can use the benches when getting changed or as a place to rest bags and/or shoes. We will also be introducing our new range of bench seats soon that will be available offline and online.

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Coat Stands & Hooks

Key offers a wide range of coat stands and hooks that are beneficial in all areas of schools. They can be used in classrooms, changing rooms or corridors and help students and teachers keep spaces clean and tidy. We offer a wide range of accessories which can be added for extra storage within schools too.[wpanchor id=”#laptop”]

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Laptop Storage & Charging Lockers

Laptop or charging laptop lockers are ideal for schools or higher education especially as there has been an increase in the use of laptops and iPads over desktop computers. We have a wide range of both charging & non-charging laptop lockers in a variety of colours and door options.

The mains reasons to purchase laptop/charging lockers in schools;

  • Device storage
  • Battery re-charging
  • Charge mobile phones and other devices
  • Security

Both charging and non-charging are frequently used in educational sectors however there is a significant difference in price between the two. Depending on the needs of the school, if only storage for the devices is needed then you can look to purchase the non-charging while also saving the pennies. The charging option

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We know schools are often faced with limited space and a strict budget when purchasing lockers. Therefore, to avoid regular costly renovations or replacements, we advise it is best to cover all areas before purchasing.

  • Choose good quality lockers that can withstand daily wear and tear
  • Plan how many lockers are needed based on the number of students and the space available for use
  • Choose locker size/spec based on what is being stored in them

At Key, we offer a wide range of lockers, bench seats and accessories which can be used in educational sectors with more products coming your way!

View the range here & if you can’t find the perfect fit online then give us a call and one of our experts will provide you with the best recommendations for your needs and budget!

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