How to Choose the Best Locker for Your Business

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So, you’ve decided that a locker would be a sensible addition to your workplace. Great news! We’ve got a fantastic range of lockers to choose from including cube lockers, twin varieties, ones in different colours and even a range with clever antibacterial coatings. The question is: where do you start?

A locker can be so much more than just a metal cupboard and choosing the right one will be a great investment. As you browse you’ll discover that there are a surprising number of options to consider. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to everything locker related, helping you think about all the different features that might be useful.

Locker size

Who’ll be using the lockers and what they’ll be keeping in them are the first things to think about. You don’t want to waste money and space by choosing lockers that are far too big but at the same time buying small ones that are not fit for purpose is false economy.

At one end of the scale, personal effects lockers offer enough space to store a few small items such as phones, wallets or cameras. If a bigger locker would be unnecessary or you want to discourage people from storing larger items, personal effects lockers might be just the thing you’re after.

Moving one step up, cube lockers are an extremely popular choice. Not only are they compact and easily stackable, they also give enough space for employees to keep their personal belongings secure.

At the far end of the locker spectrum you’ll find large volume lockers for bulky clothing or equipment. If your employees need lots of room for their belongings, anything smaller might not be up to the task.

Clean and dirty lockers

These lockers are perfect for keeping clean and dirty clothes separate within a single locker. A partition down the middle means both sets of clothes can be hung up without them being able to touch one another.

Clean and dirty lockers are really appreciated by staff whose clothes get muddy or wet while they work.


A rather obvious feature of a locker is its lock. The two main choices you’ve got here are whether you’d prefer a hasp lock or cylinder version.

Hasp locks are secured with a padlock which will need to be purchased separately. They’re great if you want to allow your staff to bring in their own padlock and take responsibility for their own key or code.

Cylinder locks are integrated into the locker and will come supplied with corresponding keys. Have a think about which kind of lock would be best for the way your business functions and look out for the different options on product pages.

Feet or seats?

Whether your locker will sit directly on the ground or be raised up on feet might not be something you’ve considered.

Feet are a nice option for limiting damage to the bottom of lockers. They also make it much easier to clean underneath.

Another way of raising your lockers off the ground is to mount them on specially designed seats. These keep your lockers off the floor and also create a useful seating space. Lockers raised up on seats are a great choice for changing rooms.


This is a feature you’ll find on some of our products. Vents allow for the circulation of air within your lockers so make sure you choose a model which features them if air flow is important.

Sloping tops

Fitting sloping tops to your lockers is a simple but effective way of stopping clutter accumulating. As nothing will be able to balance on the locker there will be no way of leaving rubbish or abandoned belongings. This makes cleaning much easier as well.

Antibacterial coatings

If you’re worried about bacteria building up in your lockers, think about choosing one that comes with an antibacterial coating.

Biocote and Elite Guard are brand names for an antibacterial formulation added to paint. The paint then inhibits bacterial growth such as E-coli or MRSA.

If you like the sound of this, choose a locker that features an antibacterial paint coating.

Hopefully this guide has made your locker options a little clearer. As you have seen, there are plenty of features to consider and a variety of lockers to choose from.

If you’re ready to make your selection, browse our full range of lockers here. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly sales team for more advice on 0800 652 6000. We’ll be happy to help you discover the locker you’ve been looking for.   

Victoria Vaughan