What shelving is right for you?

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Like people, every workplace is different and your needs will be unique to your situation. This applies to the products and services you require from Manutan UK in order to keep your office, warehouse, stockroom, factory or school well stocked and working well.

In this article, we will look at shelving and how to decide the style of shelving you should be investing in.

Why are we writing about shelving?

Well, as much as it might seem that shelves are all the same as each other, it’s actually very easy to get it wrong and end up wasting valuable budget and resources on something that does not fit your needs.

At Manutan UK, we spend a lot of time making sure that we can provide your workplace with the equipment and products it needs. In order to make things easier when looking for shelving on our website, we have put our products into filters for height, weight capacity and more. This will help you in finding the unit you need.

Here are some typical workplaces and the types of shelving you will need for them. If we’ve missed anything out here, let us know by emailing sales@manutan.co.uk and we will add it in!

I work in an office – what shelving do I need?

No matter where your office is situated, whether it’s an office in a factory or a school, you will need a similar approach to your shelving.

Light duty shelving is worth looking into for this type of environment. This is because it is lightweight, and easy to put together with no bolts required. Light duty shelving also suits the general look and feel of your office as well as being perfect for storing folders, directories and even awards. Just make sure that you don’t try and put the really heavy awards on them.

This budget level steel shelving unit is versatile in that you can have it as two separate shelves or as one taller unit. Each shelf can take up to 175kg.

Please note: this is weight spread across the shelf.

I work in a stockroom – what shelving do I need?

That all depends on exactly what you are putting on your shelves. If you are storing food, then something light duty (up to 200kg per shelf) or medium duty (up to 300kg per shelf) will be suitable.

This Rapid Racking medium duty shelving unit is perfect for heavier food and drink items, just be careful to make sure each shelf isn’t overloaded.

I work in a factory – what shelving do I need?

Again, it depends on where the shelving is going to be and what it is going to be used to store.

Assuming you need to store bulky or heavy equipment and supplies, we recommend going with something heavy duty so that you have the versatility to store the things you wish to.

Pallet racking can be used to store weights up to 2,000kg per shelf.

There is also specialist shelving such as the vertical storage rack.

Again, if it’s the factory office and not the factory itself, something light or medium duty will be suitable.

We have helpfully filtered our shelves by whether they are a light, medium or heavy duty, so you should be able to find exactly what you need on our site.

We hope this has helped you to decide what shelving you need for your workplace, let us know by commenting below if you would like us to add more workplace types to this list and we will look to add them in.

Victoria Vaughan