Shelving – Know Their Limits

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Before purchasing a shelving or racking solution it’s important to know what shelf capacity you need. You’ll be putting yourself and others at risk by selecting a solution that’s not appropriate for your intended purpose.

At Key, we appreciate that this is important to you; this is why we’ve helpfully grouped all of our shelving into suitable weight categories so that you can determine which type of shelf you need before delving further into things like colour and style.

Once you’ve determined how much weight each self needs to take you can easily match your requirements with our products, we make sure that all shelving/racking ranges include a shelf capacity in kg UDL*

*UDL stands for Uniformly Distributed Load. A UDL rating of 400kg means the system can hold 400kg per shelf where the weight is uniformly spread.

Here are our three main weight categories of shelving:

Light Duty Shelving

Light duty shelving can be used in offices, stockrooms and in industrial areas where light weight items need to be stored. View our full range of budget shelving.

Medium Duty Shelving

Medium duty shelving typically holds up to 300kg UDL –  View our medium duty range

Heavy Duty Shelving/en/key/medium-duty-shelving

Our range of heavy duty shelving can take up to 900kg UDL – View our heavy duty range

We hope this helps you to decide what sort of shelving you require for your workplace. We post a lot of helpful content around this subject, so come back and check for updates to the blog.

Do you have questions about shelving and racking?

Should you need any further help with your shelving choices contact our dedicated sales team at or call us on 0800 652 6000

Victoria Vaughan