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With the health crisis, it has been an extraordinary year for the e-commerce market. After facing severe disruptions in the supply chain linked to border closures, companies quickly got into working order. The introduction of security regulations, ranging from protective measures to lockdown in certain countries, has naturally boosted online sales. To accommodate this growth in e-commerce, online trading firms must rethink their logistics.

While occasional peaks in activity hold no secrets for most of the sector’s key players, particularly with rush periods and promotions (Black Friday, Christmas, Sales, etc.), there is now the question of an increase in activity which is both continuous and exponential. It’s the reason why all companies with an e-commerce activity must adapt their organisation, particularly in their warehouse. To cope with these changes, it is essential to be able to rely on capital goods that combine efficiency, ease of use, quality and cost control. Manutan brand products meet these needs. These products are not only guaranteed for up to 10 years* but are also on average 15% cheaper than other major brands. It is now possible to reorganise your warehouse, with complete peace of mind.

 Increase storage capacities

To cope with a sustainable increase in activity, it is first necessary to increase storage capacity.

Depending on the features of the stock to be stored (type, weight, quantity, etc.), there is a shelving model suitable for each need:

Secondly, all you have to do is create your custom-made shelving using online configurators. It is possible to adjust the width, depth, height, number of shelves, maximum load per shelf, number of levels, finish (epoxy paint for a dry environment or galvanized for a humid environment), etc.

Accommodate new staff in the warehouse

To handle the increased number of orders, it is also necessary to increase order processing capacity by recruiting more staff. Even before training these new operators, it is important to be able to welcome them and equip them suitably with:

Reorganise spaces and flows

Because the current health crisis has changed the needs of customers and, as such, their buying habits, it may be time to rethink the layout of your warehouse.

It may be necessary to:

  • Create new zones or enlarge the storage and order handling areas, placing them as close as possible to the packaging areas. To mark these new spaces, it is essential to use floor markings with tapes or T or L-shaped markings.
  • Redesign storage spaces by putting new products that have a high turnover rate within easy reach (or close to a pallet truck). It may also be necessary to review some aspects of signage, in particular identification signs and magnetic labels.
  • Reorganise the container storage system by establishing a colour code and using accessories such as a divider. For example, yellow for screws, red for spare parts, etc.

Deploy visual management tools

Displaying key information related to the activity allows each operator to be part of a common dynamic and to put their daily actions into perspective with the company goals. This is why visual management is a very effective tool for engaging teams, especially when activity intensifies. 

On flip charts or whiteboards situated in the warehouse, it is possible to show generic information such as safety instructions or key performance indicators by type of activity with, for example, the status of the backlog, the number of orders shipped on time, the number of pending orders, etc. 

The rise of e-commerce is a reality. Alongside large-scale transformation projects (process automation, technological investments, etc.), we must remember that everyday products also have a major role to play in the performance and profitability of logistics management. Thanks to the Manutan brand, it is possible to combine quality products at competitive prices.


*3 years for consumables

Lauren Warwick