Your 3 alternative brands endorsed by Manutan

When it comes to company purchases, product level ranges is a big talking point. Lower-end brands are now becoming an increasingly popular alternative.  That’s why Manutan has developed three brands to meet the different needs of its customers: the Manutan brand for everyday products, Ikasorb® for absorbents and Ikatex® for industrial wipes.

Own brands are essentially a lower-cost alternative to national brands. At Manutan, we wanted to go even further by combining three key commitments:

  • A carefully selected range of products.
  • Quality first, with a 10-year guarantee for all our products*.
  • A competitive price, with prices on average 15% lower than the market leaders.

Manutan – everyday essentials

We are always expanding our range and today the brand includes more than 5 700 products. It covers our eight product families: Office and home working, warehouses, industrial supplies and tools, packaging and storage containers, safety, outside areas, hygiene and catering. Products that we use every day include masks, forklifts, storage containers, trolleys, lockers, warning tape, seats, locks, radiators… Although these are not strategic purchases, they are essential for enabling companies to operate well.

Among these everyday products, companies will also find other value-adding equipment. For example:

  • Ergonomic products to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the user.
  • “Lean” products that boost team performance.
  • Configurable products that can be used to customise models according to your needs.
  • Ecological products that can become part of your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Ikasorb® and Ikatex® – two own brand experts

Ikaros is a specialist in environmental protection in Sweden and Finland and is part of the Manutan Group. Over 15 years ago, the company created and developed two expert brands to meet the needs of its customers: Ikasorb® and Ikatex®.

Ikasorb® – the absorbent specialist 

Ikasorb® offers around 70 products that are used to prevent, limit and manage spillages of oils, solvents, hydrocarbons and acid.

The Ikasorb® brand includes two main types of absorbents:

  • Synthetic absorbents are available in rolls, sheets, pads and high absorbent socks.
  • Absorbent granules are environmentally friendly and made from natural materials. The absorption capacity of the latest types is almost equivalent to that of synthetic absorbents.

Ikatex®, expert for industrial wipes

Ikatex® covers around twenty specialist items for cleaning, wiping and polishing industrial surfaces.

  • The paper rolls are highly absorbent. They are available in two materials: pure cellulose wadding paper and recycled paper. A colour code is used to identify the different uses: beige for industrial use, blue for the food industry, white for multi-use etc. Manufactured in Europe, the reels are certified as Ecolabel, which underlines the increased efforts to reduce the environmental impact while maintaining an excellent performance level.
  • The non-woven cloths are more resistant than paper, they are also highly absorbent. Available in dispensing boxes, bags and pre-cut rolls. The practical and economical packaging reduces the number of cloths used.
  • Textile cloths are the most durable option as they are resistant, washable and reusable. They can be used in all industries apart from the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Why use our own brands?

Our own brands Manutan, Ikasorb® or Ikatex® have many benefits, we can see that they offer good value for money. Not only do these brands offer the same quality as national brands, but they are also up to 15% less expensive than premium brands.

The Manutan Group combines general and specialist brands and, in addition to its dynamic and almost unlimited offer of more than 500 000 items. It has one ambition: to cover all of your non-strategic purchasing needs, regardless of the types of product required.

*3 years for consumables

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Lauren Warwick