Security Tips for your Workplace

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The security of your building is something to be concerned about all year round, but with the nights starting to draw in and crime rates rising in the winter months, now is definitely the time to make sure your systems and protocols are up to date.

Here are some helpful security tips:

  1. Make sure all the entrances to the building have sufficient external lighting. This will discourage break ins, and it also provides security to employees making their way in and out of the building.
  2. Secure all entrances and exits. A keypad lock is ideal for controlling access to areas as a code is needed to gain entry. To help deter any possible criminal activity, a dummy CCTV camera is a good idea, and more cost effective than a fully working system.
  3. Make sure all your security protocols are up to date. For example, do you have an effective way for recoding visitors? All visitors should be recorded in a visitor book, with the details of their visit. It is important to teach staff not to be embarrassed to confront someone if they do not recognise them. This will help everyone be aware of security risks and the hazards of unknown people being in the building. Also providing a visitors badge will be useful as everyone will know they are meant to be there.
  4. A good way to deter potential break ins or vandalism is to maintain the appearance of your building to a good standard. If a building is well looked after, it will look more secure.
  5. If you have a car park, make sure it is secure overnight. This is another way the dummy CCTV cameras are useful. Putting up these cameras, and signs to go with it, will help deter any criminal activity overnight. Installing parking bollards at the front of your car park will mean you can manage who has access to the car park after working hours.

Why not do a risk assessment in and around your building? Look at all the possible security breaches, both generalised and specific to your environment. Most of these issues will have obvious and simple to do solutions!


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