More Than Just a Locker, it’s a Complete Storage Solution

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Having a good locker system in place at your place of work is a very good way of making sure valuables and important work tools/supplies are kept safe and secure.

Lockers aren’t just for employees to store their lunch and trainers in while they work; they can also be part of the way your business works too.

At Key, we have spent years getting to know our customers so well that we know exactly what you need and work very hard on getting that for you.

We have put together a short article on how you can integrate your locker in with some of our other products to craft a bespoke solution that not only works well for your employees but helps you run your business more effectively.

Team them with sturdy shelves and keep your supplies stored properly

Your supply room needs to be an area where even an employee who is unfamiliar with the room set up can come in and see what he or she needs immediately.

At the same time, supplies are expensive and need to be kept in a locked cupboard; a locker such as this single tier locker is good for this sort of thing. That way you can keep track of what is being used and also protect anything that might need to be stored near common or customer facing areas.

Teaming these sturdy lockers with a heavy or medium duty shelf also provides you with an area to store things that you don’t need to lock away, such as health and safety manuals, first aid kits and accident books that need to easily accessible.

Combine practicality with safety by providing a way to get to out of reach lockers

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that everyone is six feet tall just because you might be. It’s annoying to be one of the last ones into work in the morning and left with the locker that no one can reach. Ease that by providing a stool that has been designed exactly for this purpose.

The steel mobile kick step works really well because is sturdy and comes with anti-slip ribbed rubber treads – problem solved!

Don’t be afraid to accessorise

Many of our lockers can be supplied with sloping tops to prevent items being left on them – handy if you’re worried that they’ll become a dumping ground for unwanted items. Or if they’ll be used in hygiene sensitive areas then the fact that they’re easier to clean will be an added benefit to you.

Seats and stands are also available and theses are particularly useful for situations where you need to change clothing or shoes. These are popular in sports centres and school changing rooms.

Be extra secure and keep your locker keys safer

Avoid losing your locker keys. Most of us have lost keys at some point, so why don’t you make sure it never happens again and invest in a key reel?

It works by allowing you to affix your key to the retracting 600mm chain. You then clip the unit to your belt. Investing in a few of these for your employees means that they have the security of always knowing where their important keys are and that they can also get what they need to in a hurry – bonus!

If you have any suggestions of how lockers can be used to make work spaces more productive let us know at we may include your suggestions in the next review of this article.

Victoria Vaughan