Locks for lockers – Which is best for your business?

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As standard our lockers come with cylinder or hasp locks, but can be fitted with a choice of the lock types below on request.

Cylinder Locks

These are one of the most common lock types for lockers. They are simple to use, economical and easy to replace. They are key operated and all lockers come with 2 keys.Cam-lock

Lockers with cylinder locks are ideal for lockers with a single user, such as staff or school lockers. As the lockers are only used by a single user, the risk of constantly replacing keys is lower than if they had multiple users.

Hasp Locks

The hasp lock is securHasped by a padlock, which needs to be supplied by the user. This gives the user control of locking the locker and allows it to be used by multiple users. It also allows the business to save costs on supplying lost keys.

This type of lock is ideal for lockers in leisure centres, gyms and other public places.

Multi-user Combination Locks


These are keyless locks where the combination can be set each time the locker is used by pressing  the set button on the side of the lock.

If someone forgets the code a “decoding fork” can be used to find the last number set to unlock it.

Ideal for lockers shared by many people, without the risk of losing keys. These are popular in businesses where people work on shift patterns, such as hospitals or in gyms and leisure centres.

Coin Return

The coin return lock is ideal for lockers with multiple users. The key is released when the users puts in the coin or a token supplied. When the key is put back in, the coin/token is released back to the user.

This type of locker lock is popular in leisure centres and large public areas such as swimming pools or theme parks.

Token and 20p locks are available.

Coin Retain

Coin RetainThe coin retain locks work in the same way as the coin return, however when the coin is released after use it’s deposited into a lockable collection box below the lock.

These are again popular in the leisure industry and are a good way for business to generate a little more income.

Note: that these locks can only be fitted to certain lockers due to their size

Token and 20p locks are available.

Digital Combination Lock

DigitalThese are battery operated keyless locks, which can be programmed for either a dedicated single user or programmed with more than one code for multiple users and a master code. They are ideal for businesses who want something more sophisticated and to avoid providing keys.

Note: that these locks can only be fitted to certain lockers due to their size.

If you’d like more advice on which lock to choose, or if you want to request a replacement lock please contact our team.

To browse our range of lockers click here. Product pages will have an accessories tab with locks for your locker.

Victoria Vaughan