What is a storage locker?

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A Storage Locker is a small and usually very narrow type of storage compartment, that is commonly found in a wide variety of public spaces, from schools, gyms, workplaces, leisure centres and more. They are used to store items temporarily in order to keep them safe. At Manutan, we sell a range of different lockers, designed for use in lots of different environments, and we’ll get into what some of these types of locker are in the following article.

Changing Room Lockers

Everyone needs a storage solution where they can store their personal belongings and other items safely, and in areas like gym and swimming pool changing rooms you need anti-bacterial lockers that are fit for these environments. At Manutan, our changing room lockers come equipped with elite guard anti-bacterial coating and ventilation systems, making them perfect for the wetter surroundings of changing rooms.

School Lockers

We also sell lockers that are designed specifically for schools, coming in a variety of different designs and sizes depending on the type of school they are needed for. For younger schools and age groups, we sell half-height lockers, designed to be as usable as possible with younger students, and we also sell charging and laptop lockers; which have inbuilt charging stations for laptops and other electronic devices. These are just a few of the features that can be found on our range of school lockers.

Executive Lockers

For use in smarter environments, such as offices and public spaces, our range of executive lockers are designed with quality in mind; coming in sturdy, dent-proof and high quality styles, sleek finishes and soft close hinges (so that the locker shuts quietly, so as not to disturb the working environment).

Workshop Lockers

For use in environments where you may need to store clean and dirty uniforms separately from each other, our workshop lockers come equipped with robust welded door frames and reinforced doors, powder-coated finishes for resisting bumps and scrapes and separate compartments for the hygienic storage of different items of clothing.

That concludes this brief article on some of the different types of lockers that we sell at Manutan; what they are, what they are used for and what in their designs sets them apart from other types of locker. If you were interested in buying a locker for your workplace, then you can see our full range of lockers here.