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Executive Lockers

Manutan are specialist suppliers of Executive Lockers, which are our range of storage lockers with a classier finish to the design, perfect for adding a touch of quality to environments such as offices and other workplaces. With aesthetically pleasing timber wood doors and quality of life features, such as soft close hinges, executive lockers can be a stylish addition to your workplace as well as a useful storage solution.

We also stock a range of other locker products as well as our executive lockers, including: Standard Storage lockers, Laminate lockers, Plastic lockers and more.

Executive Lockers

Our executive lockers are delivered fully assembled with a sturdy, dent-proof and high-quality design, as well as being built from a Powder coated steel body, for a smart appearance that does not compromise durability. For a more attractive, considered finish, you can add end panels for a range of different designs and aesthetics. Browse our full range of executive lockers online today.

What is an Executive Locker?

An executive locker is just as secure and as useful as any other storage locker, with the main difference being additional touches to the style and design brought by the end panels, in order to make them add to an area in terms of aesthetic, rather than simply fulfilling their purpose as a storage space. If the design and style of the surrounding area is of concern when shopping for lockers, then an executive locker will be what you’re looking for.