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Laminate Lockers

Manutan are specialist suppliers of Laminate Lockers, which are our range of storage lockers ideal for environments that are prone to moisture. Manufactured with a highly-resistant, solid grade laminate, our laminate lockers are best used as clothing and staff lockers in wetter areas like gym and leisure centre changing rooms. As well as being water resistant, our laminate lockers are resistant to dents, scratches and even rust, making them ideal for a wide array of locations.

We also stock a range of other locker products as well as our laminate lockers, including: Standard Storage lockers, Personal Effects lockers, Plastic lockers and more.

Laminate Lockers

Laminate lockers are versatile as well as durable, making them ideal if your locker doors are in locations where they might take a bit of punishment. The laminate material the doors are made from is highly resistant to scratches and dents, and finished with Germ Guard Active Technology to prevent the spread of bacteria. Our laminate lockers are delivered fully assembled and are even available in a range of designs and colours. Browse our full range of executive lockers online today.

What is a Laminate Locker?

A laminate locker is a storage cupboard made with a protective, laminate finish. This laminated finish allows the locker to be used in a range of more damaging environments, being rustproof, highly resistant to dents, scratches and water damage. Laminate lockers are perfect for damp environments like leisure centre changing rooms, but are just as good an option in a range of settings, including schools, offices, retail environments and more.