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If you're working on a building or construction site for several months or in some cases years, you will need a safe and secure place to store tools and equipment. Unpacking/packing tools and equipment from vehicles and toolboxes every day can be very time consuming as well as costly. Manutan UK has a solution for this in the form of site storage boxes, chests, vaults etc. which you can trust.

Construction sites can be host to some extremely valuable tools and equipment, you will want to have some peace of mind as to where they are kept. Products such as Armorgard's Tuffbank have been put through rigorous tests to be some of the most difficult boxes to break into and even pass a strength test mandatory for Police requirements.

Site boxes are very heavy and designed not be moved, making them very hard to be stolen. You'd need a forklift to shift one! They are also lockable and in the case of Armorgard products, are fitted with heavy-duty deadlocks, again, a mandatory Police requirement.

These tough boxes can also be left outside, an anti-corrosive undercoat will protect them from even the harshest rain.

Manutan UK can also offer a range of Armorgard secure vehicle toolboxes and chests. These can be fitted to the interior of a van with heavy-duty bolts. They are also anti-jemmy proof, making them incredibly difficult for a thief to break into.

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