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Make the most of your storage space with our warehouse steps. From mobile warehouse steps on wheels for easy manoeuvrability to non-slip steps for increased safety, our range of step ladders offers the perfect solution for every industrial environment.

Why choose Manutan for your warehouse step ladders

We are a leading supplier of warehouse steps in the UK and specialise in providing a wide range of high quality industrial products suitable for any warehouse.

Our industrial steps are designed with safety, efficiency and versatility in mind. Whether you need a 15 step folding step ladder with wheels or a simple mobile step ladder with two anti-slip steps, you’ll find the right step ladder for your warehouse in our collection.

What are the benefits of warehouse steps?

  • Mobile flexibility: easy transportation with warehouse steps on wheels.
  • Enhanced safety: sturdy, non-slip warehouse step ladders are designed for secure usage.
  • Increased efficiency: mobile warehouse steps allow rapid access to different heights.
  • Customisable: various sizes and designs to fit your specific requirements.
  • Durable design: long-lasting, robust materials ensure a wise investment for any warehouse.


How to use warehouse steps

  1. Before using, carefully inspect the steps for any defects, wear or damage. If there is any cause for concern, do not use.
  2. Place the step ladder on a level surface and, if mobile, engage any locking mechanisms to prevent unwanted movement. Ensure the steps are positioned close to the area where they will be used to minimise reaching.
  3. Always face the steps when climbing and use handrails if provided. Maintain at least three points of contact (two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand) at all times. Avoid overreaching or leaning to the sides.
  4. Be aware of the weight capacity of the warehouse steps, including both the person using them and any materials or tools being carried. Exceeding the weight limit can cause instability or failure.
  5. When descending, climb down facing the steps, and use handrails if provided. Once finished, if the steps are mobile, unlock the wheels and move them to a designated storage area.

What height can a warehouse step ladder reach?

The platform height or working height of a warehouse step ladder will depend on the model, however, our range includes steps that feature a working height of over 5 metres. Use the Platform Height or Working Height toggles in the Filter By section to find the right height for you.

What is the 3 to 1 ladder rule?

To avoid injury when using a step ladder, always maintain three points of contact. This means two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand on the step ladder at all times.

Are mobile warehouse steps on wheels safe?

If used correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, step ladders on wheels are perfectly safe. Our models include non-slip rubber-tyred rear tyres and retractable swivelling front castors.

How can I choose the right product for my business?

If you are unsure which is the right step ladder for you and your business, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Sales Team who will be happy to discuss your requirements and help find the most suitable product for you.