Maintaining excellent hygiene standards is important for all businesses. Our range of cleaning & hygiene products are suitable for all working environments - order online today! Read more

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We've worked with hygiene and health professionals to select a range a of cleaning and hygiene products especially for you.

Manutan offers you a wide choice of hygienic products that comply with safety standards. Keep your work environment pleasant and healthy with quality products and materials.

For hand and body hygiene, our range of hydro-alcoholic soaps and gels are perfect for all environments. At the reception, in your offices, or in your first-aid spaces, care or hygiene products for the hands and the body will have their place. We offer several wall supports, on feet or even bottles of different sizes to suit a range of workplace environments.

Rolls, or hand towels are complementary to hand hygiene products. Make them available to your employees near water points for optimal drying. Hand dryers and hair dryers are also alternatives that Manutan offers you depending on the jobs that are carried out in your premises. The hand dryer can be automatic or manual.

We offer a range of floor and furniture cleaning products as well as professional quality brands.

Manutan supports you in the management of your waste. Selective sorting is one of the hygiene and cleanliness measures that your company can adhere to. Our bins, containers, bags or waste storage bins are designed to simplify sorting for you. We offer you waste sorting products with colors to simplify sorting. Green for glass, yellow for recycled products, blue for paper, gray for everyday products and red for hazardous products. Help your staff and users outside your company to be sensitive to the well-being of your workspace. Selective sorting is a positive point for the planet but also for the health of the occupants of your business