How wide is a locker door?

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Locker doors may vary in width from 250mm (25 cm / 10 inches) to 600mm (60 cm / 24 inches). It is necessary for locker doors to vary in width so they can accommodate many different environments.

Standard metal storage lockers usually range between 250mm to 500mm, whereas lockers suited for a smaller environment like a cube locker range between 300mm to 457mm.

On the larger side of the scale there are antibacterial lockers, suitable for hospital-like environments that can range between 300mm to 600mm. These lockers are made with an antibacterial coating to stop the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi.

Similarly clothes and workwear lockers are often wider than a standard locker as these are often provided for employees that get changed or keep a spare set of clothes at work, therefore these lockers are split in half for clean and dirty clothes separation. This is ideal for vets, builders or plumbers.

Another type of locker that is commonly used in schooling environments or at swimming pools is a plastic locker, due to the nature of the material these are often slightly cheaper and range in size to fit the individual needs & purposes of the environment. These are often chosen for their waterproof qualities. Plastic lockers are usually slightly smaller at roughly 320mm to 325mm wide.

Finally there’s executive lockers. Executive lockers are more aesthetically pleasing than other types of lockers and are usually found in environments like leisure facilities, golf clubs and offices. Executive lockers have an average width of 380mm.