How to replace gas strut on office chairs

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If you are having issues with your office chair, such as your chair slowly lowering itself throughout the day, or it no longer adjusts up and down, you might have an issue with the gas strut.

However you don’t necessarily need to buy a brand new chair, as replacing the gas strut on the chair could resolve the issue. To change the gas strut on a chair you will need some tools (all chairs are different so this may vary from regular office chairs to leather office chairs, for example).

Tools required:

Rubber mallet

Adjustable wrench

Mult-use lubricant spray (WD-40)

Replacement gas strut

  • Firstly, set your chair onto its side and make sure that it is in a stable position, then use the rubber mallet to gently tap on the centre of the base of the chair to remove it.
  • Adjust the wrench to fit securely around the existing cylinder, then twist anticlockwise it until it releases from the chair. If it is sticking or not moving from the chair, try some of the lubricant spray.
  • Once you have managed to remove the existing cylinder, you are ready to replace it with the new gas strut. Firstly place the base of the chair on a flat surface and insert the bottom of the gas strut into the base of the chair.
  • Then take the chair itself and place onto the new gas strut until it clicks into place, once done the chair will be ready to use again.

All office chairs differ but the above steps should help you change the gas strut on most office chairs. If you decide that you would rather have a new office chair, we offer a wide variety at Manutan to choose from, whether you want an ergonomic chair, a mesh office chair, a leather office chair or something else.