Face Mask Standards, What Are They?

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When shopping for face masks, it’s important to know which type you’re buying and why.

Buying face masks is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life. On the market, there are a lot of different masks to choose from, all with different FFP (filtering face piece) scores. This scoring comes from the European standard 149:2001.

Typre IIR Mask

The scoring of the filters refers to the face masks filter capacity (removal of x% of all particles), different environments require different FFP ratings.

Different types of respirator standards

Face Mask Standard Filtration capacity (removal of x% of all particles)
FFP1 Minimum of 80%

N.B. Currently, the PHE do NOT recommend FFP1 face masks or respirators for use during the Coronavirus pandemic.

FFP2 Minimum of 94%
FFP3 Minimum of 99%
N95 and equivalents:

KN95 (China)

P2 (Australia/New Zealand)

1st Class (Korea)

DS FFR (Japan)


Minimum of 95%

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