Office Chairs – Can you re-gas a gas operated chair?

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Most office chairs use what’s known as a pneumatic gas cylinder that is attached to the bottom of the chair and regulates height through the use of pressurized air. This means that over time your chair can begin to sag with use. This may be down to the current state of the gas cylinder in the chair. The question is, can you re-gas an office chair and get it to work as good as new?


There is always a chance that your pneumatic chair might run out of gas. This is is usually down to high usage over a long period. Even if you don’t adjust your chair height often, your office chair may still begin to sink with use as the cylinder loses pressure. This can mean that an otherwise great chair becomes unusable. If this should happen, you’ll want to review your options rather than live with it.


It isn’t possible to refill the gas cylinder in a pneumatic chair, however, if your it’s in good condition and it is a design of chair that you enjoy using then you can choose to replace the gas cylinder itself. This process is relatively straightforward and, depending on the make of the chair, can be highly cost-effective. Most gas cylinders and struts range from roughly £5 to £30, meaning that replacement cylinders could be a viable option to reinvigorate your favourite chair. For more information on how to replace gas struts in office chairs, you can read our blog post here.

If your current chair is old, uncomfortable and out of gas, you could shop for a brand new office chair. At Manutan, we stock a range of top quality, ergonomic office chairs. With options to suit all budgets and top brands including Humanscale and Topstar, Manutan UK has the range and expertise to help.

Whilst it’s not possible to refill the gas, you can choose to replace the cylinder or purchase a new chair.

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