The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

90% of us spend upwards of 5 hours sat down each day. We’re being told on a regular basis how bad it is for our health, but for a lot of us being sat at work is inevitable. So, how can we make our working day as comfortable as possible? By finding the best ergonomic chair for you!

We’ve handpicked our best ergonomic chairs, from budget, to high end and everything in between.

Best Ergonomic Chair under £100

The Nightjar 

Best Budget Ergonomic Chair

The Nightjar may look like a standard chair, but it offers a whole lot more. It comes with integrated lumbar support for the lower back to ensure you’re fully supported all day, asynchronous back tilt and seat height adjustment. Adjust this chair to your every need and sit comfortably all day for just £90!

Buy now for £90

Best Ergonomic Chair under £200

Cormorant Office Chair with Fitness Orthoseat

Orthopaedic Office Chairs

The Cormorants’ unique fitness Orthoseat offers three-dimensional movement to move with the users’ body. It has full back support with adjustable contoured backrest and lumbar support.  Comes in 3 colours.

Buy now for £199

Best Ergonomic Chair under £500 

The Chiro Plus Posture Range

Chiro Plus Ergonomic Posture Office Chair Chiro Plus Ergonomic Posture Office Chair with Headrest

The Chiro range is heavy duty and approved by a UK chiropractor for 24 hour ergonomic usage. It comes with all the bells and whistles; a seat slide mechanism to adjust seat depth and ensure you’re not sat too far back/forwards. Contoured, thick foam back rest and seat for a generous amount of comfort, along with lumbar support and optional headrest. The Chiro has a max weight capacity of 23 stone.

Buy now from £410

Best Chair for Back Support & Posture 

The Chiro Ultimate Posture Chair

Chiro Ultimate Ergonomic Leather Posture Chair

The Chiro Ultimate Posture Chair is said to be at the pinnacle of ergonomic design. Approved by a UK chiropractor this chair offers a full selection of ergonomic features for complete comfort; full spinal support, contoured foam seat & back, adjustable backrest, adjustable lumbar support and seat slide mechanism. Fully upholstered in genuine this chair provides ultimate support. Adjustable arm height and angle give the user full control to customise the chair for maximum support. Designed for 24 hour use and users up to 23 stone.

Buy now from £535

Best All-Rounder 

The Albatross (physio-approved)

Albatross Heavy Duty Office ChairsAlbatross Heavy Duty Office Chairs Side View

Traditional design yet packs a punch with full ergonomic feature; high supportive back to promote good posture, integrated torsion control mechanism allowing adjustments based on user’s body weight, seat slide adjustment, contoured foam back rest with integrated lumbar support, back height, arm rest & seat tilt adjustments and lots more! Suitable for 24 hours usage and supports a max weight of 24 stone.

Buy now for £360

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