Working from home: Get equipped with our Manutan brand

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With the health crisis, working from home has suddenly imposed itself in our daily lives. To combat the spread of the virus in the workplace, companies have asked all employees who can to work from home. However, no one was prepared, let alone equipped for it. While working from home is set to continue, it is essential to rethink your working environment at home.

In the space of a few months, the world has switched to home working on an unprecedented scale. Although imposed for health reasons, companies realised that it could work and that employees remained efficient and engaged when working remotely. According to a survey conducted by Littler, a labour and employment law firm, 41% of companies surveyed say they have made changes to their remote working policy, or plan to do so.

A profound change in the way we work is underway and we must all adjust to these new practices. Not having the correct workstation raises issues in terms of health, safety, well-being and performance for employees. It is, therefore, necessary to pay particular attention to furniture, office supplies, storage, lighting, etc. Good news: the Manutan brand offers you these everyday essentials, of high quality and at a reasonable price.

Create a designated workspace

Firstly it’s important to create a space that works for you. Choose a small area at home that’s a dedicated to work only. This will not only help you stay focused but will create a clearer separation between your work and home life. Having a designated workspace will make it easier to switch off at the end of the day.

Ergonomics – the number 1 priority when working from home

Working from home contributes to the well-being of employees by reducing commute times and the associated fatigue, but also by allowing them to gain a more flexible work-life balance. If employees are generally satisfied with working from home, they need to be suitably equipped. However, ergonomics are often overlooked when people work from home. Computers on laps, the use of dining chairs, poor lighting… These are all bad habits that, in the long term, can have repercussions on the health of employees.

To avoid discomfort or worse, musculoskeletal disorders, the following two things are essential:

  • Firstly, the indispensable office chair. Swap your kitchen chair, sofa or other unsuitable seating for a comfortable chair, which offers height adjustment and armrest adjustment. Ideally, it will also be equipped with universal castors to aid movement on hard floors or carpet. You can even find office chairs with footrests for maximum comfort.
  • Secondly, there is, of course, the traditional deskAbove all, you have to check that the dimensions (height but also depth and width) are adapted to your needs. Increasingly popular, the height adjustable desk is a good compromise. Thanks to its electronic motor, it can be set to the ideal working height. In a few seconds, you can adopt a standing or sitting position, as you wish. 

To take things one step further, you can also get a footrest with a massaging effect and a tilting system, a mousepad, combined with a gel wrist rest, or even a stand for your screens, your computer or your laptop.

Lean Management to increase efficiency

When working from home, Lean Management methods take on their full meaning. In addition to the managerial approach and the requirement of collaborative tools, companies can also rely on the working environment to help employees become more efficient. It must be as clear and organised as possible so that those working from home can access a document quickly, organise their files easily and combine digital and paper tools when necessary.

To do this, the use of simple products can change everyday life: a document holder with or without integrated screen stand, filing unit, letter tray, magazine rack, office supplies, etc. In short, everything you need to organise your work.

In this age of working from home, your everyday items take on special importance. To ensure good work, but also your health, your safety and your performance, it is advisable to select them with care.

Lauren Warwick