Office seating options and accessories

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When you see the words ‘office seating’, what do you imagine? Are you thinking of a standard desk chair on wheels with a fabric seat and backrest? Great! That’s a brilliant choice for many office situations but there are plenty of options to consider before you make your final choice.

Use this guide to explore the range of office chairs available along with a few extra accessories which might be just what your office staff have been daydreaming of.

Hard wearing office chairs

As you’re already thinking about them, let’s start with those fabric-covered chairs on wheels. You’ve probably sat on one or two of these office chairs in your career, but you may not know about all the options.

These chairs are a very popular choice for offices as they are hard wearing and functional. As they swivel and are on wheels, they are easy to transport or glide effortlessly between desks – and they’re simply perfect for office chair races (which we, of course, wouldn’t endorse when people should be hard at work).

If you’re considering one of these chairs, decide on your preferred back height and shape, and whether or not you want a chair with arms. Another really good feature to look out for is how customisable the chair is. Can you adjust the seat height, back tilt and armrest? This is particularly useful if different people are likely to use the same chair.

With a wide selection of fabric covered office chairs to browse, ranging from budget to executive varieties, look at the details for each chair to make your choice.

Faux leather/leather office chairs

Why not add a little luxury to your working day and choose a smart faux or real leather office chair? Similar to the fabric covered versions, these chairs come in a range of back heights and options to adjust seat height and back tilt.

Leather office chairs are comfortable, last a long time and look really smart, making them ideal for creating a really professional image at the office.

Occasional use

If you occasionally have a higher demand for office seating than usual, consider chairs that pack away neatly when not in use.

Stacking chairs are great for conferences or training days and can be a very comfortable, convenient option. Fabric stacking chairs add extra cushioning to an otherwise fairly standard chair while polypropylene or vinyl versions are easier to clean. The latter make good choices for schools or lunchrooms.

Another space-saving option is folding chairs. Keeping a set of folding chairs on standby gives you the ability to offer extra seating at minimum expense.


When it comes to office seating, there are several accessories to consider which might make work life better for your staff.

Back supports

Back supports can be added to your office chairs to promote correct posture when sitting. This is great news for staff with back problems…and those who’d rather avoid back problems!

Foot rests

These accessories are about more than comfort when sitting at a desk for hours at a time (although they help with that, too). They encourage staff to sit properly at their desks while supporting their legs and backs. Again, this prevents problems due to poor posture and consequently prevents grumbling and sick days!


If the office chair you choose doesn’t come with arms, you may opt to buy them separately. When sitting at a desk, arms should be bent at 90° and arms rests can help staff stick to this guideline.

Chair trolley

If you plan to make use of stackable or folding chairs, a chair trolley will come in really handy as you move them around. Occasional use chairs are often put to work in different places around the building and you’ll save a lot of effort by using a chair trolley.

Linking device

A final little extra accessory for office seating is the handy linking device. These inexpensive accessories are used to link stacking chairs together – perfect for keeping rows of chairs in place at a conference, performance or event.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to the range of office chairs and accessories available. Why not browse our full collection now and find the right product for your workplace, or get in touch with our friendly sales team for more advice on 0800 652 6000?