Our top 5 office chairs

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When your staff are at work, you want them to be as productive as possible. After all, that’s what they’re paid for. Nobody can concentrate fully on work if they’re uncomfortable and they can’t work at all if they’re off sick with a bad back. So, it is vitally important that you provide your employees with suitable seating for the job they do.

Different chairs are designed for different environments and have varying recommended usage times. We’ve put together this guide showcasing 5 of our top selling office chairs and where they would be best suited based on sitting hours. Read on and your workforce will be sitting pretty in no time…

High Back Budget Operator Chairs

This budget office chair has a recommended sitting time of 5 hours. That might sound like a lot but if someone is sitting in this chair all day, every day, it might not quite be up to the task in terms of comfort and support.

Choose this office chair for occasional use, such as in meeting rooms, or for someone who spends time up and about as well as sitting at their desk.

High Back Tilt Operator Chairs

One step up is the High Back Tilt Operator Chair. This chair is contoured to offer better support and also features arm rests to promote good working posture. It makes a good choice for general office use with a sitting time of 8 hours.

Key Faux Leather Chair

If you want something with a little more aesthetic charm, our faux leather office chairs are a great option. Similar to the previous chair, it also boasts an 8 hour sitting time while looking smart on the office floor. For an everyday office chair with a bit of flair, this would make a good choice.

Mesh Back Manager Chair

Another top telling office chair with an 8 hour sitting time is the Mesh Back Manager Chair. This is a stylish seat with great airflow to help your office staff keep their cool. The neck support and adjustable arms make this another great chair for everyday office work, particularly when sat on by a hardworking manager or MD.

Square Back Heavy Duty Chairs

If your staff work very long hours in an intense environment, it is essential that they are offered a comfortable place to sit with proper support. Some of the chairs in our range, have been specifically designed for this kind of work and have an impressive sitting time of 24 hours!

The Square Back Heavy Duty Chair is a hard wearing chair for hardworking people. It offers great back and shoulder support, arm rests to assist correct posture, is cushioned and fully adjustable for maximum comfort.

Choose this chair for a call centre, control room or other intense office environment where people need to keep focused on their job. Maybe don’t make them work for the full 24 hours, though!


This guide shows a small sample of the options available. All of our office chairs indicate the maximum sitting time and obviously the higher this is, the longer the chair can be used for in one sitting…literally. Remember to check the details when you’re browsing through the office chairs department and we’re sure you’ll find the right chair for the job.

Get in touch for more advice on office chairs, sitting times or anything else office related. We’ll be delighted to help you choose the right product for your business. Give us a call on 0800 652 6000.