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Executive Chairs

An executive office chair can be used in boardrooms, offices and anywhere else in your business. They tend to have a higher quality look and feel than your standard office chair and usually offer more bells and whistles in the form of ergonomic features. They are ideal for anyone looking for something a little more plush than your standard office chair.

Tips for choosing your executive chair

When choosing your executive chair the style and level of comfort are really important. You might already have an idea of the style you want, but if not the first decision you should make is the type of fabric you’d like. Many of our executive chairs are mesh, faux leather or leather faced. Many offer extra cushioning to the standard chair and most offer design features which make them stand out against the regular operator chair.

You may have a traditional office want something to match the décor such as our Chesterfield tufted office chair. Alternative, you’re looking for something more contemporary and unique like our Zure Elastomer chair – either way we have a huge range of executive chairs to choose from.

After selecting your desired look and fabric, you’ll need to ensure the chair is comfortable for you. Everyone has different requirements and one person’s version of comfort may be entirely different to yours. The best thing you can do is check the chair has adjustable features so you can adapt it to your needs.

We detail all ergonomic features for each chair in the descriptions, but the main things to look for will be the standard height/seat adjustments and then anything you need as extra such as lumbar support, seat tilt, headrests the list goes on!

We explain all ergonomic features here and if you need some advice on the ideal sitting position check out our blog. If you’re looking for a specialist ergonomic chair, we also stock a range of these here.

Most executive chairs will be of a slightly higher price point to the standard office chair. They are manufactured from higher quality materials, offer extra adjustable features and are more robust than the standard chair, so won’t need replacing as often.

We stock a big range of leather and fabric office chairs – but if you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact our friendly sales team who will source an alternative!