Tweet Your Seat & Meet Laura!

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At Manutan UK, we like to rave about the chairs we’re using and products we get to test out for you on Twitter – #tweetyourseat But! We’ve realised you might not know a lot about those friendly faces in the photos. To change that we’ll be blogging each month so you can meet our incredible team! This month meet Laura!

Name– Laura Cross

Position – Customer Care Advisor

Nickname – Lau

Meet the team - LauraOne word to describe youScatty

Favourite chair & why? The HumanScale Diffrient Smart Chair  – It’s such a boss chair!

Fun fact about you! I know all the words to Coolio gangsters paradise

Do you have a hidden talent? Cooking!

If given a chance, who in the world would you like to be for a day? Kim Jong-Un…

What is your motto or personal mantra? Be a fruit loop in a world of cheerio’s

People would be surprised if they knew… How often I get parking tickets!

What’s next on your bucket list? To go to Jamaica

Favourite TV Show? Gavin and Stacey

If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? Dominoes

Weirdest job you’ve done? Worked in a barbers for one day

Favourite Film? Mean Girls

Where in the world you’d most like to live? Jamaica or Canada

Unpopular opinion – something you dislike that everyone else likes I love pickled eggs but I hate caramel.

Victoria Vaughan