Tweet Your Seat & Meet Hannah

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This month on #tweetyourseat we chat to Hannah!

Name – Hannah Williams

Position – Outbound Team Leader

Nickname – Hanwaaa

One word to describe youBubbly

Favourite Chair & why? The Verco Max chair  – I sit on this chair every day and I find it so comfy. Every time we have recommended this to a customer they have loved it too! 

Fun fact about you? I was presented an award by Director Danny Boyle (director of Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting, 127 Hours) at a ceremony in London for directing a small film about bullying through a lottery funded company when I was at school.

Do you have a hidden talent? I am good at different accents!

If given a chance, who in the world would you like to be for a day? Beyonce

Motto or personal mantra? Everything happens for a reason!

People would be surprised if they knew: I absolutely hate sloths!!!

What’s next on your bucket list? Sky Dive

Favourite TV Show? Friends

If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? Curry

Weirdest job you’ve done? I worked in a natural pet food shop and used to have to package things like chicken carcasses, tripe sticks, pigs ears etc – it was the most disgusting smelly job but it paid for my driving lessons whilst I was at college so I couldn’t complain.

Favourite Film? Jurassic Park

Where in the world you’d most like to live? Italy

Unpopular opinion – something you dislike that everyone else likes: Sloths haha !! – everyone seems to like them but me ! They actually make me feel so creeped out!