Trends from the Consumer Electronics Show 2018

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Martin Sauer, Group Digital Director, and Henri Adreit, Chief Information Officer at Manutan France took part in the 2018 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from 9 to 12 January. Showcasing the latest innovations and breakthroughs in consumer electronics, the show provides an insight into the technologies of tomorrow’s world every year. Check out the latest trends taking shape…

Self-driving cars are now a reality

Just a year ago and self-driving cars still belonged to the realm of science fiction. But this year most car manufacturers have produced a model. Several prototypes with and without a steering wheel are already proving their capabilities, with the first models due to be released onto our roads in 2020!

Look out for driverless vehicles, shuttles or delivery vans – the prospects are endless!

First smart homes and now smart offices

Smart objects are continuing to make in-roads into our lives and daily routines. Personal digital assistants, smartwatches and other objects have already become hugely popular and they are gradually worming their way into our offices!

Artificial intelligence

From smart trolleys and drone-based inventory management solutions to self-learning robots and recognition technologies making our cities ever smarter, the use of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly widespread in both our professional and private lives.

Augmented reality: enhancing one’s current perception of reality.

Today, the number of applications is growing exponentially while the technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated. For example, a start-up is offering customers the possibility of changing the product colour directly via its virtual interface! Meanwhile, Panasonic is giving fans an augmented football match inside an actual stadium. The possibilities are endless.