Key’s Summer Essentials

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We are delighted to announce that summer’s here! To celebrate the warm weather we’ve all been longing for, we’ve put together a range of summertime essentials to help you make the most of everyone’s favourite season. At home or work, there’s something for everyone…

Keeping cool

The hot weather makes a very welcome change from winter’s chill but trying to get work done can be challenging. Overheat and you can’t concentrate, needless to say that a sweaty brow is never a good look for an important meeting.

At Key, we have the answer. Our range of fans, air conditioners and coolers are perfect for anywhere around your business or home. From little desk fans for personal use to much larger products designed to boost airflow, find the perfect cooling device for your requirements.

Keep your cool this summer – head to the air conditioning and fans department.


Pedal power

In the summer many people leave their cars at home and opt for a bike instead. Not only is this a great way of making the most of warmer weather and long evenings, it helps people to keep fit while reducing their carbon footprint. Win-win.

The only potential issue with cycling for transport is safe bike storage. With this in mind, we’ve added cycle racks and stands to our list of summer essentials, giving the opportunity for as many people as possible to get biking this season.

As the summer gets into full swing, consider offering cycle racks or stands at your business. From budget models to the most stylish cycle storage on the market, we’ve got it all at Key.


In the garden

Gardens and outdoor spaces are glorious in the summer and we all love to spend as much time as possible making use of them. Well, that’s usually true. In order for us to make the most of our gardens, it’s essential to put in a bit of effort.

We’ve added some seriously useful garden tools to our list of summer essentials so that you can get outdoors and enjoy the weather this season. From hoes, hoses, loppers and shovels for the greenery, right through to hammers and paint brushes if your fence could do with some attention, you’ll find everything you could wish for in our collection of garden tools.


Clean living

The bright summer sun is great, but it can sometimes illuminate those areas that have been a little neglected. Over the winter it’s inevitable that outdoor spaces will get a bit grimy and now is the time to take action!

The trouble is that you want to make the most of the nice weather and spend as little time cleaning as possible. That’s where we come in. Make light work of tedious cleaning tasks with a pressure washer from our range at Key. Perfect for patios, decking, BBQs, cars, walls…just about any otherwise laborious outdoor cleaning chore.

We stock a variety of Karcher pressure washers amongst other designs and we’re certain you’ll love the efficiency of your new machine.


From keeping your cool to cycling to work, sorting out the garden to giving the place a good clean: with a few great products, you’ll have summer sorted!

Can’t wait to make the most of the season? Browse our full collection of summer essentials or get in touch for more advice on 0800 652 6000.

Victoria Vaughan