A Guide to COSHH Symbols

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Use the table below to identify which COSHH signs and symbols you need to display on cabinets when storing hazardous materials.

Read our full COSHH guide here.

Description CLP Hazard Pictogram       Meaning Storage Chemicals Segregate From:


 COSHH Explosive Materials Symbol Unstable explosive chemicals Store in a secure location away from all other chemicals Tri-nitro compounds, Heavy metal azides All other chemicals
 Flammable  Flammable COSHH sign Flammable liquids, gasses or solids. Flammable storage cabinet Acetone, Benzene, Methanol Acids, Bases

Oxidisers, Poisons

Oxidising Substances Oxidising Substances COSHH Symbol Spontaneously evolve oxygen at room temperature or with slight heating. Separate non-combustible cabinet Hydrogen Peroxide, Halogens,

Nitrate Compounds


Reducing Agents

Pressurised Gas Includes flammable, oxidising & poisonous gasses. Store in a cool, dry area in secure upright cylinders Flammable – Methane, Oxidsing – Chlorine, Posionous – Carbon Monoxide Segregate oxidising, flammable & poisonous gas from one another.


Corrosive Will cause serious skin burns or eye damage. Also corrosive to metals. Store in a protected acid/alkali storage cabinet Acids – hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid.

Alkali – Ammonium hydroxide.

Segregate acidsfrom alkalis,
Toxic Acute toxicity (oral, dermal, inhalation), Very toxic (fatal), Poison Store in a vented, cool  dry area in a chemically resistant secondary container Cyanides Flammables,

Acids & Bases, Oxidisers


Harmful Substance

Irritant COSHH Symbol Health hazards which are less serious but still harmful. Store in a cool, dry, hazardous cabinet labelled correctly Bleach,
Chemicals in household cleaning products
Explosive materials
Long term Health Hazard Longterm Health Hazard COSHH Sign Poses a serious long term health risk and includes carcinogens and mutagens. Keep in limited quantities in a secure hazardous chemical cabinet, locked and labelled. Asbestos, Benzene, Vinyl Chloride Flammables,

Corrosives, Explosive chemicals

Hazardous to Environment Hazardous to Environment COSHH Symbol Hazardous to the aquatic environment & the Ozone layer. In a cool, dry area in a labelled hazardous cabinet Zinc Oxide Explosives

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