Purchasing Guide: Choosing your office furniture with Manutan EXPERT

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Office design plays an essential role both in the well-being of your employees and in the image that the company gives to its visitors. By choosing furniture and accessories that are comfortable, functional, and adapted to the size of the space, you contribute to a general improvement in productivity. You can also seize the opportunity to update furniture to begin or further develop your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) campaign. Types of furniture, materials, and issues: read our guide on choosing the right office furniture for your company. 

How does the choice of office furniture support CSR? 

No matter the size of your company, there are several issues to consider when choosing professional office furniture. Through the furnishing of your premises, you can support the company’s CSR policy by improving the working conditions of your teams and by opting for environmentally friendly products.   

User-friendliness in support of occupational health 

It has been proven that comfort is essential for ‘well-working’ in a professional environment. Workstations designed for the well-being of the users should at least include ergonomic office chairs and desks, as well as storage furniture. 

Ergonomic office furniture allows you to adopt a natural posture, without straining your back or muscles. As every body type is different, ergonomic furniture allows you to adjust the height of a tabletop, the inclination of a backrest, or the height of a seat. By preserving the health and well-being of your employees through ergonomic furniture, you ensure an optimal level of productivity within the teams. 

The right layout of office furniture for a harmonious workspace 

The layout of the furniture will also have an impact on the well-being of each individual while promoting team cohesion. In an individual office, a meeting room, or open space, think about the movement of people within the space. Furniture should be arranged to facilitate movement without disturbing those who are working. Your employees should be able to move their office chairs around without obstructing the flow of people. Open spaces also have a visually calming effect, whilst cluttered offices can contribute to stress. 

Office storage furniture containing frequently used supplies should be easily accessible to all users, so they don’t have to move around much. A storage cabinet can be placed in a spacious corridor or in a dedicated corner of open space. 

Also, think about creating social areas where your employees can meet and chat informally. These spaces are particularly important in the current context of widespread remote working, where opportunities to create human links are becoming increasingly rare. 

Improve productivity by adapting to new uses 

Companies are facing changes related to new ways of working. Remote working has been widely adopted in recent years. At Manutan EXPERT, we make sure that we adapt our product range to the new uses of company workspaces.

A well-designed workspace allows the user to move around easily, cleverly store things, and feel comfortable. Inspired by the concept of remote working, the office furniture (tables, chairs, bookcases, and storage cabinets) installed in offices in colours such as white and wood creates a soothing environment. These colours are reminiscent of interior design trends in homes. The wood tones, together with green plants, help to create a sense of tranquillity. 

Get your employees involved in an ecological approach 

Choosing environmentally friendly office furniture allows your company to adopt a CSR approach. Every office desk and chair can contribute to strengthening your organisation’s commitment, as well as encourage your employees to become more involved in CSR. It is, therefore, a good idea to communicate internally the advantages of the new furniture. 

In the Manutan EXPERT range, priority has been given to environmentally friendly products:  

  • Made in Europe; 
  • Recycled manufacturing materials; 
  • Recyclable materials; 
  • Wood from sustainably managed forests. 

Manutan EXPERT office furniture range combines quality and comfort  

As the result of a selection of products tested by various teams internally, the Manutan EXPERT furniture range focuses on user comfort and durability. With a wide range of desks, chairs, meeting tables, and reception desks, you will find all the products you need to furnish your workspace at a fair price. 

Types of office furniture  

Office desks offer several possibilities for the layout of workspaces. They meet the needs, whatever the use and the space available, in the office, at home, or in an open space. Drawer units, which are positioned underneath the desk, are practical accessories that provide easily accessible storage space. Office furniture also includes meeting tables, the size, and shape of which can be adapted to the size of the space. Finally, reception desks are used to create welcoming reception areas, in addition to chairs or armchairs for visitors. Keep in mind that reception areas give a first impression to your partners and customers. 

Options to accommodate your needs  

Professional desks are available with adjustable top height so that the user can adopt the right posture according to the office chair. There are several models of compact desks, which are particularly suitable for home office use. As an alternative to straight desks, corner desks provide a larger working area. They are suitable for professionals who, for example, want to separate the computer area from the reception area on the same desk. 

Some desks have a built-in drawer unit. The desk drawer unit, a small cabinet with lockable or non-lockable drawers, is also suitable for remote working. Choose those with wheels to create a flexible workspace. 

Manutan EXPERT meeting tables have been designed to meet the needs of users and to be compatible with as many different spaces as possible. Round, oval, rectangular, or square tables are available. With the modular table sets, your employees can imagine flexible layouts. Other models, such as folding meeting tables and tables on wheels, can be easily moved from one room to another. Practical features such as height adjustment, built-in drawers, and a power strip slot are designed to make everyday life easier. 

The reception tables, both high and low, are inspired by different design styles. They help to give character to your company’s reception area, the first place that your visitors see. Scandinavian style, sleek design, solid wood… You can choose the model that best suits your company’s identity from the wide range on offer. 

Materials that suit their environment 

In addition to the variety of designs, the desks, drawer units, meeting tables, and reception desks are also available in different materials. Each material has its advantages in terms of resistance, durability, and user-friendliness. The professional office furniture range is mainly made of: 

  • Melamine material made from wood fibers from sustainably managed forests; 
  • Resistant and recyclable ABS; 
  • Attractive, solid beechwood; 
  • Recycled materials: 
  • Durable and stylish glass and metal; 
  • Decorative print cladding. 

Well-chosen and well-designed office furniture not only promote the well-being of your employees at work but also the smooth running of the entire company. Check out our Office Furniture section. 

Victoria Vaughan