How to install a locker shelf

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To install a shelf into your locker you will need: the shelf, a drill, screws (or double sided adhesive pads), wood & measuring tape.

  • Step 1: Inside your locker, mark the level that you want the shelf to go on both sides of the locker. Make sure that the mark is the same level around or your shelf will slant.
  • Step 2: Now drill two holes on each side of the locker slightly below the line. Go at least ¼ of an inch below the line to give way for the thickness of the material used on the shelf otherwise the shelf will sit above your original marking.
  • Step 3: Cut two pieces of wood to fit inside the locker walls. A good size is 1 inch x 2 inch. This is what the shelf is going to rest upon so ideally they won’t be large.
  • Step 4: Hold the wood (or if you have someone helping you ask them to) evenly against the side of the locker so that the holes you drilled are in the centre of the wood. Screw a screw through each drilled hole (from the outside of the locker, drilling into the wood inside the locker) & screw the piece of wood into place until it is tight. Then repeat on the other side.
    • Alternatively, if you don’t want to drill into your locker, you could use double sided adhesive pads to stick the wood into the locker, but be aware the shelf will not be able to support as much weight compared to screwing the wood in.
  • Step 5: If you have a shelf prepared in the dimension of your locker you can move onto Step 6. If not you need to cut your chosen material to the size needed for your shelf. This will be the size of the inside of your locker. Use a measuring tape to find the inside width of your locker.
  • Step 6: Now the shelf can be placed on top of the wood that has been drilled into the sides of the locker. If you are storing heavier items on the shelf of your locker a third piece of wood can be drilled into the back of the locker to support the weight.

Providing your storage lockers with shelves is a great way to give them extra space and utility, especially in areas like gym changing rooms, schools, workplaces and anywhere else where a person might want to store items within a locker separately. At Manutan, we do stock lockers which already have shelves, including our range of standard storage lockers, workwear lockers, workshop lockers and more- so feel free to browse our range if you would rather buy a locker with a built in shelf already.